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  1. I downloaded Beta 2.7. Can it be played in VR? If so, how? Also, how do I apply a new skin to my F18?
  2. Next question: I am starting off on Supper carrier in Raven Campaign. Cold start - I am a beginner. After lift off, the "nose" indicator blinks on and off to the left of speed. Am I missing something on startup? Super carrier...
  3. Totally understand, thanks. As fpr flying at night with NVG's. I set right console to NVG and also clicked on RShift + H but did not get the green NVG circle. I checked, it is mapped correctly to my keyboard. Is there something I am missing?
  4. Question: Why is the HUD off center sometimes? It tends to be to the right of center.
  5. Thanks Rudel_chw, that worked. Last question for now - I know how to move where I sit in the cockpit (up/down/left/right). When I load a new mission, I have to always adjust where I am in the cockpit. How do I keep the same place in the cockpit when I start a new flight?
  6. I want to purchase/download F-18C Raven One Campaign and fly in it. It also shows I need to download Super Carrier and Persian Golf Map. When going to purchase, it shows that those two will not work within STEAM. I have been flying the F-18C in STEAM. Is there a way to fly F18C in "stand alone" without having to purchase another version of F-18C? Thanks
  7. I see that there are many updates to DCS world and also, F18. What would be the best way to get all the updates or, do they “automatically” download through Steam in to DCS?
  8. Wow, that A10 is a persnickety beast, ya, trim was the issue. Had to reprogram the trim button because in the “profile” it was not set correctly. thanks again for the help.
  9. Have another question. When flying the A10, when stick is centered, the A10 turns slightly left and is on a steady slow climb. I have checked settings, all looks good. Any ideas as to why this is happening? Does not happen when flying F18.
  10. Ha, leave it up to the experts. Leg2ion, did what you said, all is good THANKS!
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