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  1. Dont get me wrong the currently existing ACM submodes bore (especially with JHMCS), hud scan, vertical scan are pretty good. But when is slewable coming? And markpoints would be great to use for viper ground striking I think to mark out where some targets are. That is all. I had a bit of a slump and and kinda lost interest in the viper for a while last month; I got the basics figured out already pretty well. There was not much new features in viper. But I went back to viper to learn air refueling and little bit about TACAN and ILS landings, to keep my mind busy so its ok. I've
  2. im gonna try it on PG map also again. I think the mission editor should show the ILS approaches and frequencies there at least. Im not sure if those show on f10 map once youre in the actual mission- I think Al Dafra has the problem that theres two runways 13 L and 13 R and only one ILS frequency shows for one of these on the F10 map ingame. Not sure if this is supposed to be this way. I just made a custom mission for myself on PG and it only shows one ILS for rw13
  3. im having big trouble also intercepting and maintaining the localizer mainly and glide slope in Al Dafra Persian Gulf. I've been practising ILS in visual conditions just to be sure. I inputted the correct rwy 13 ILS into freq in T-ILS. I even asked Al Dafra ATC where to land, he said rw 13. (this could be good or bad because theres left and right thirteen actually there) Ok, so then I turn back north towards the coast and use TACAN to lineup with airbase for a straight in landing. Then I change the EHSI into PLS TACN mode for intercepting the localizer. Im on perfect approach to one of the run
  4. I feel like in some situations I would prefer to keep like tanks, but jetison bombs. But I dont often run into this issue i think what I was trying to do was to find the enemy on boresight dogfight and then jettison centerline only. Other times you just get shot from long range when doing A2G either by SAM or longrange fighter like mig31. In that case I might want to jettison bombs but still evade and maybe continuie doing CAP. But since I made this thread Ive learned how to AAR also so Im not that dependant on droptanks nowadays. (like i think i can do AAR atleast in low lag server or SP)
  5. it might be that im somehow misunderstanding the centering of the dogfight switch somehow but now im just utterly confused myself lol
  6. I dont have a dog in this fight if what you say is true that the implementation as is should be correct for block 50 F-16. My impetus in filing this "bug report" was that I read both Chucks guide F-16 and the eagle dynamics F-16 early access manual. And the eagle dynamics manual was misleading in this regard then. if the current ingame implementation is the correct one. Because the ED manual F-16 claims on p.189 regarding sidewinder missiles the following eagle dynamics F-16 early access guide p.199 clearly as evidenced by the ingame tracks that I posted the underli
  7. the only document i could find from google was multicommand F-16 handbook dated 1996 volume 5 (from f-16.net) It mentions fence in checklist. And under it it says put missiles to cool seeker. Implication is that the missiles would stay on cool seeker, because it is part of a fence in procedure prior to entering the combat zone. But maybe the behavior changed from the 1996 versions of F-16 and aim9 missile. In those days there must have been aim-9M in service https://www.f-16.net/downloads/F-16_Handbooks/11-f-16v5.pdf
  8. 3.1 – M61A1 GUN 3.1.1 – EEGS (Enhanced Envelope Gun Sight) Introduction. its in there atleast my pdf version of chucks guide f-16 viper
  9. feel free to make a thread or post in my newly created thread to provide more information. you seem like knowledgeable guy on f-16 systems. I just went by with what I've read from chucks guide
  10. Aircraft had amraams and aim9x loaded. Master arm set to MASTER ARM. Air-to-Air master mode selected. Amraam selected. Dogfight override mode entered and I always seem to get aim9x selected with warm seeker head. It was only after I exited from dogfight mode back into AAM with those aim9x selected, and then back again into dogfight mode again, that the cool seeker arrived with aim9x cool seeker selected. Master arm was on constantly. My control setup was warthog throttle and I used boat switch as the DGFT and MSL OVR switch in controls. Clearly my controls work, otherw
  11. so to reiterate the entering into dogfight mode only seems to cool the seeker of the aim9x, only if the aim9x was already selected weapon in the original mode with warm seeker e.g. in the Air-to-air master mode. Then when I press dogfight override it will actually go into dogfight override mode and select aim9x with cool seeker.
  12. that is the case atleast for me that it wont go to cool seeker. Master arm was on with amraams selected. Air-to-Air mastermode was selected. Then I pressed dogfight override and I had bore aim9x with warm seeker selected. It was only after I exited from dogfight mode back into AAM with those aim9x selected, and then back again into dogfight mode, that the cool seeker arrived with aim9x cool seeker selected. Master arm was on constantly. I have the trackfile here but i dont know where to put the bugreport. My control setup was warthog throttle and I used boat switch as the DGFT and MSL OVR swi
  13. ok thanks for info. Chucks guide p.364 f-16 viper provided incorrect information on this matter, leading to me misunderstanding those 1-127 were wingspan profiles.
  14. I don't know if it is working as intended but I doubt it. Obviously there is slots for multiple gunsight wingspans available in the jet from 1-127. Those slots are scrollable with increment switch. But setting one profile to a wingspan value sets it to all the profiles overriding all profiles. It is not possible to set multiple profiles at the moment. Seems very fishy from the look of it, but maybe it works like this. nvidia replay is currently uploaded to youtube so the quality might still be bit low but get better as HD version is processed at this time.
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