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  1. I'm really not trying to start conspiracy theories but is it possible that the original face melter was supposed to be something else, something completely new that was cancelled or indefinitely postponed for whatever reason and they officially announced the Apache that we knew was coming all along? Considering how openly Wags and Katia talked about the Apache before and how it was teased like a normal module it just seems strange to me that it was a 'secret' all along. I'm really glad to have it but I was expecting a surprise, something we haven't even heard of before. And a few months ago Ka
  2. I really like the Apache but I've been following this thread for almost a year now and Nineline very often suggested on Hoggit that the new module was going to be something completely new that was never mentioned for DCS. From Katia's interview and Wags' statements, we already knew that an Apache is going to come eventually so I don't really understand why it was hyped this much.
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