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  1. Perfect, and now the jammer stays on till switched off! Brilliant stuff
  2. You're a gent, much appreciated
  3. Will give it a go, thanks mate
  4. Hi guys, Just gone on since the last update and cannot seem to get the jammer to work anymore? Using either my button, or the default keyboard command (-) just seems to function the chaff/ flare dispenser. I saw they have copied over some functionality from the a10c2 in this update......is this similar? How do I now activate the jammer?
  5. Wow, no excuses for getting shot down now
  6. I've recently set up VR for DCS and after my last flight did just that sat there with the canopy open just listening and running though my flight......can almost feel the fresh air on your face. Amazing experience
  7. Really enjoying these posts mate be Interesting to see how the Reds do.
  8. Awesome news! The first plane I tried on new VR and its stunning. Wishlist.....cannons and RS-132 rockets?
  9. Hi mate, sounds like you need to tune one of your radios to the carriers frequency. You will always get comms on the runway / deck but will lose that as soon as you take off. Tune one of the radios to the carrier and you should be good. You can test it by pressing the corresponding radio button (not the generic comms button) and asking for start up etc. If this is one of your missions you've made, you can check / set the frequency of the carrier in the ME. If it's a dow loaded mission the frequencies are normally in the briefing.
  10. I'll give it a try! Although my OCD may struggle with having a superfluous target kicking about
  11. Still an issue for me. Using Paladins I cant select the fire mission once it's down. I usually try to zoom in and select the ground as the target to mitigate the issue but if I'm zoomed out a bit too much the Arty target 'snaps' to a unit, but I cannot then select it to cancel etc. If I'm on the ball, and notice, I cancel the target before right clicking and starting the fire.
  12. Likewise, but 9 times out of 10 I found switching the formation between column and row kicks them back into action?
  13. By timer for the laying process, is this the same as the F10 view? When selecting the Arty unit I can see the unit 'aiming', 'firing' and 'expectation'. Definitely needs ability to change munitions type (and fuzing). Also, when the unit is out of ammo near a supply vehicle, would be nice to see an indication that the unit is rearming. I appreciate with MLRS etc you can physically see the rockets added to the launcher, but more from the F10 view would be handy. Sorry if I'm way off mate.
  14. Hi mate, it's the last tab in the ME after selecting the plane, so not the payload tab, the one on the far right(from memory, not near pc) but any issues, Chucks guide has a screenshot showing you where
  15. I do now! I was genuinely hoping I could 'jettison' them onto some enemy infantry......... Incidentally, (and probs off topic) I've found having 10 degrees of flaps keeps the plane much more controlled & level and as yet doesn't seem to have caused any major dramas. Keeps me more controlled for strafing / annoying T-90's and BMP-3's.
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