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  1. Very nice & handy tool! For F-18 what elevation does it use on WPs? (set value MSL/AGL, random, 0?).
  2. Why buy it when you can try it for free for 14 days?...then you decide.
  3. Have watched the 3 DCS Mi-24 Wags videos & I find the mirrors rotor-flickering & brightness quite disturbing. Will it be possible to tilt the mirrors down/up, left/right so I don't have to see the rotor in them & eliminate the flickering? (I know I can turn them on/off.) Those pics suggests it's possible? but I dunno if ED thought of this?
  4. Excellent business decision ED . Transparent & honest "try before you buy", can't get any better than this!
  5. Привет, Можете ли вы сказать мне, почему на Ми-24 используется искусственный горизонт "западного типа", а не более распространенный "русский" искусственный горизонт, как на Ми-8? Спасибо. (Извините за мой русский, я использую гугл переводчик)
  6. Before preorder I want to see all the weapons employment. How AI Petrovich functions, his "anti-tank" skills, how switching seats works in SP. How multi-crew works & the gunners periscope sight user functionality. Then I'll decide.
  7. No S##t Sherlock! maybe you don't know what deliberate means? Maybe you can show me how to land in a 50kt cross-wind? Why y'all over-analyzing what was done before "over the threshold"? It's a fighter-jet not a 747 with "stable approach criteria". It's a fighter-jet, you get it down how the hell you feel like for test-purposes. ....it's what happens after touch-down when landing "hard", the bounce, that is unrealistic! Either the whole landing-gear should collapse & you could bounce a little, but not like a freaking football 10m up in the air! Thanks for all th
  8. I was in the cockpit all the time, when I watched the track I went to F2, dunno why it came out like that... Definitely something wrong with suspension IMO. It was between 4-10% fuel in ME as I tested different fuel-loads, no way 40%!, 3rd landing was deliberate chute-before-touch-down to check suspension. Reread my post again, as this was a quick suspension test, not a check-ride including perfect traffic-patterns etc. It's what happening after a little "hard" landing that is disturbing, the "strange bounce", if you're doing perfect landings all t
  9. RL pilot gets a loadsheet from ground-crew saying exactly how many Liters it's in his 21 & he signs it. It's not pilots responsibility to refuel the aircraft, he's not standing there counting the Liters, now is he? It's ground-crew's responsibility! Bottom line is he has a paper saying exactly the amount of fuel in his 21 & we don't have this in DCS Mig-21....how realistic is that?
  10. Sure on ground & if going with full tanks. Yes it does, my ME is imperial. Where do you see how many liters I have with 64% fuel? Why complicate things, when every other aircraft shows correct fuel?
  11. Here 7% fuel I think. Those landings are deliberately a little hard. Sure you can do ok landings, but if a little hard the suspension shouldn't throw the 21 up in the air like a glove, also look at the absence of wheel damage. I had alot of crashes, so I couldn't show everything that I wanted. Those are the only tracks I could get. mig21 land 1 .trk mig21 land 3 b .trk mig21 land ok stol chute .trk
  12. Fuel gauge not showing or auto correcting (after refuel) the right amount of fuel, even in autostart/airstart? The average DCS user don't have time to do Ibs to Liters conversions. Mig-21 is the only plane in DCS that has this now, why complicate things? It's a PITA. Especially when flying on imperial GUI & several quick missions. RL Ground crew sets the right amount of fuel on the Fuel gauge, it's his responsibility. At least show the correct fuel in Liters on a kneeboard. Seriously the Mig-21, that was one of my favorite aircraft has became worse &
  13. The suspension is worse then ever, we fought several years for a fix, they fixed it some months ago & now it's broken again. No other airplane bounces like Mig-21 ATM. I greased it down & it still bounced. Look at this video they are coming down pretty hard & not a single bounce!
  14. I was using cockpit RPM gauge. Did a bunch of landings & found out the best thing is to turn of AB, so it doesn't get activated (don't have AB detent on my throttle). It's a questionable design not being able to use AB in case of go-around.
  15. But if the AB is cut-off with full-flaps, why does the RPM go to max 88% now? shouldn't it be≈ 98%? Go-arounds with only 88% RPM seems dangerous? Yeah I know rise your flaps to TO but what if they are stuck?
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