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  1. Then he would have implemented it 5 years ago, it was not so sensitive before. The trim is way to sensitive.
  2. It's back again after latest OB update.
  3. I'm sure ED can do an more correct calculation, just google "explosion calculator". Right now bomb & rocket damage are to weak. So what's the point of buying the Mosquito?
  4. I have tracks with "working-track-planes" (L-39, Mig-21, F-5, M2K, all helis & WWII planes" even with time acceleration. They worked 2 weeks ago, until today. I was going to watch an F-5 landing replay & I noticed external views not working, troubleshoot & found out checked in GUI>Special>"F-5 for nearest AC view", was the culprit, so uncecked it & external views ok, but all tracks are now corrupt & not replaying normally, old tracks all aircraft crashing. new tracks finishing abruptly. So I unchecked GUI>Special>"F10 AWACS view" & all seems to wor
  5. "Rocket counter previews selection" binding only goes -1 step, then stops. Is that correct behavior?
  6. WIP I know, but. The in cockpit shadows-flickering-blinking is horrible, even when he un active-poused, I couldn't stand watching it, got too nauseous.
  7. Well, you said lowering the Saturation won't effect elevator travel & I proved you wrong. If I see somebody posting completely wrong information I will correct it. Now, if you don't need the full elevator deflection that's your business, but it's there for a reason. I'm not going to post all the reasons when you need it but as I said, slow-flight dogfights & aerobatics among others. Of course you're not going to need it when flying fast, all this is basic aerodynamics. We fly PvP dogfights all the time & yes I need full deflection in certain cases.
  8. Yes, you're right. F-14's trap physics are arcadish & it's Heatblur's fault not the SC's or ED's. They've been delaying the trap-physics, since release, coz they think there are more "important things" to do, a shame for an Naval airplane. Anyways all concerns about trap-physics should be posted in the respective aircraft forums.
  9. F-14 has arcadish trap-physics, it glues itself every time, no hook-skip, you can be way to fast or slow on AoA . F-18 is the opposite, wrong AoA or hook-skip, you won't trap! Everybody traps the F-14 every time, F-18 bolters more often & is a challenge every time to trap if you're doing proper Case I. Dude, they're worlds apart when it comes to trap-physics.....you sure you've got "Game flight mode" disabled? "Lack of arrest wire physics/animations?" what lacks? there are animations.
  10. NO it doesn't! You can clearly see it in the pics, look at controls indicator at full back stick, 1:st pic is with with no Saturation, 2:nd with 65 Y Saturation. So you're LIMITING your CONTROL SURFACES MOVEMENTS with using Saturation! Who want's to have maximum pitch authority? I do in ex. dogfights & slowflight.
  11. That's coz you don't have a full length stick. You've got to learn to use curves, 15/15 is a good start. With those I have no problem holding my pitch whatsoever. Using pitch Saturation will of course lesser your stabilizer travel by 35% in your P-47 & 55% in your Spitt. This WILL effect performance of your plane, especially in slow speed regime. It's like crippling your airplane!
  12. It's fantastic, the best WWII plane ED has done IMHO. No strange ground-physics, easy to land & take-off, super nice cockpit & sounds. My whole squad is getting it thanks to "free to play" event.
  13. Bummer, was thinking of getting it. Tried it on previous on "free to play" event & I had the worst FPS (& stutters) of all maps. Pity it's not optimized yet, Now I have VR, not even worth trying .
  14. Move terrain from main DCS install directory, ex. I want to move PG from disk "C" to "D". Using mklink /j command. Locate PG in "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\terrains\PersianGulf" cut & move the whole folder to "D". Open CMD >As Admin. Type: cd C:\ (press)>Enter Type, beware of spaces they must be there: mklink /J "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\terrains\PersianGulf" "D:\PersianGulf" >Enter Now PG is installed in "D" & will be updated there. DCS still "thinks" it's in it's main DCS install dire
  15. Still FPS drop with radar on.
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