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  1. Ok I may have stumbled upon something. Not sure if this can be helpful or related to the other threads on flickering @BIGNEWY. The worst scenario for flickering for me was interestingly F16 free flight on Normandy. I decided to try lowest details and it didnt flicker, so I started turning things back on 1 by 1. And found out that any Civilian traffic graphic settings other than OFF, caused flicker. As soon as I switched to off, I couldnt make it flicker at all. Back to Low or High, hello flicker. This is the yellow/black random flicker only in WW2 maps.
  2. Interesting, but in my case it must be ww2 (only have BF109)/ww2 asset related then, because before these I've never seen the glitch.
  3. Great, so seems like re-isntalling the map or cleaning shaders wont help i tried the map very briefly first and didnt see any issues, so i bought it as tomorrow the sale ends... and now im stuck with this annoying bug, seems to happen even if I do a free flight in F16 on Normandy 44. Yellow/Black flickering, seems random but I guess its related to something specific... hope it gets fixed.
  4. I use the brake analogue axis on my stick to modulate the brakes until the anti skid works. Works OK but I do agree I need to slow down more for landing in F16 than F18.
  5. Yes it needs a steerpoint, at least a "dummy" one you create on the go, its an annoyance but relatively minor one, is there any reason not to have any steerpoints? I mean even if you act as kind of a QRF on the base, you would be headed to a ground target based on a waypoint.
  6. I just tested this with bombs and it works fine but I do find I need to face the steerpoint before I SP. So I switch to AG, do CCRP, TGP on left MFD, HUD as SOI still ... not sure if its placebo but now I move the pointer from steerpoint around to see if it works OK, then I click SP and SP again to deselect and pointer jumps to center of HUD and it moves with the jet. Now couple of times it didnt work when I started to do other things first, like targetting etc. so to fix it, I faced the steer point again, made TGP SOI, selected a point track, then deselected using the
  7. I had a lot of issues to get Snowplow to work but I think I figured it out after a lot of testing. Boresighting the MAV is important yes, I usually do it on the ground or if I forget to power on MAV i use some house to point track etc. no big deal. Now with Snowplow - what I had to do was face the steer point, disengage any targets in both screens and get out of any SOI so none of the 2 screens are selected, re-center TGP and MAV on the steerpoint and still without selecting SOI slew around to make sure they are moving together. Now at this point when you click SP and then SP again
  8. It should work by pressing SP (snowplow) , but for me it doesnt show the HUD pointer like 80%. Its almost as reliable as MAV Auto hand off. Some times it works when you press it couple of times (enter/exit SP) but I just gave up. For now in F16 I just use the MAV head to look for targets in VIS or Boresight mode. Yes you can zoom in so much but I got used to it and it works. In TGP some times it doesnt align or hand off at all, some times you need to be like 3 miles from the target, which is useless for AA targets by that time they've already sent a missile your way.
  9. I was fighting with this for the last 2 days. In the end I conceded to just use the IR slew. I can kind of get it to work via steerpoint. I can get Snowplow mode about 30% of time. I click SP, some times I can see the marker in the hud, MAV pointing to it as well, great. Some times I click SP and it goes to something "off screen" and MAV doesnt even notice. Its very strange. Problem is even when it works, the auto hand off isnt reliable either, some times I need to unlock and point-lock again couple of times on a moving target to get MAV to get the "C", by then im already 2 miles away.
  10. Shadak

    Best Module.

    I was recently in the same situation, but it was the halloween sale so I ended up buying both and im glad I did :) so my vote also goes to both. But in terms of completeness, the Hornet of course.
  11. Hi guys, I seem to get random CTD when loading missions, its not very frequent but still a bit annoying when it happens. It could be 1 out of 20 loads maybe? So not terrible but if anyone knows what this could cause please Id be greatful. I tried deleting temp and whole Saved Games DCS folder, the temp file "purging" seem to help the most but eventually I do get a crash. Attaching an example but they seem all same, KERNELBASE.DLL , examining the DCS log it shows errors while loading terrain but I cant make much out of it tbh and its nothing specific, same mission will load fine when I rest
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