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  1. Good evening all, I have a question I hope someone with more experience will be able to answer. I have set up a sortie where I a group of AI will fly out as a blue group and once in a trigger zone I have set them to deactivate and a "red air" group takes their place. Thus group is very aggressive and hostile which is what I want to happen. Once they are dead I can respawn them in using the comms menu, however once I respawn them in the are not very aggressive and only act in a defensive manner, they dont engage. The respawned group is the same gr
  2. It's a very nice tail I think. 201223-F-DE377-1011.jfif
  3. Would anyone be willing to paint up one of these beauties please. Seems to be the only country missing. Regards Dale
  4. Thank you so much for helping I really appreciate it. Once I have loaded the .lua file I find that the unit does not activate, so I added "activate group" so now the unit is present however it is activated instantly after 5 seconds as per the condition. I tried the same with flags and then having a separate line for group activate but I got the same results.
  5. Brilliant, and I assume I only change the ('groupName') parts to the group that I am referring to? Also where to I put the activate group part? Really sorry if I am being a biff here.
  6. Sorry to drag up an old thread, but if I used this where would I insert it (condition or action), when would I insert it and which parts of the test do I change exactly? Regards Dale
  7. Hi all, I was hoping that someone could tell me where the .wav or .ogg audio files are located on installation of DCS. I would like to use them in the ME. Regards, Dale
  8. I'm fairly new to DCS so these might well already be in place, but these are what I'd like to see in the ME. 1) Trigger zones having other shapes or even being able to draw your own shape. 2) It would be handy if the range of the AI aircraft could be shown and how much range is left as you plot the flight plan of an aircraft. 3) A trigger to allow countries to switch postures if something happens such as a unit being destroyed. 4) More coalition options rather than just red and blue. So you could have as an example USA/Nato as blue, USSR as re
  9. This is great, you guys have really helped me here, it seems to be working. Thank you so much
  10. Would I add the mist/lua text in the last switched condition so that it will respawn if flag is false (1) happens again?
  11. Forgive me if I'm way off of the mark with any of the following. 1) Does this mean I need to have each "redair" group as it's own flag? So redair1 is flag 1, redair2 is flag 2 and so on? So once that has happened I'd have something like: Once > group dead (redair1) > flag is false (1) <--- a separate trigger for each aircraft flags 1 to 14 become false. Many thanks for the help guys.
  12. Hi all, I am trying to set up a basic training flight where if I fly into a specific zone then an enemy aircraft will spawn in. So far I have 14 different enemy aircraft/formations of aircraft that I would like to randomly spawn in. Here is the issue though, If I fly through the zone once then a random aircraft will spawn in, if I kill that aircraft and then fly through that zone again another will spawn in, however if I kill that aircraft and fly through that zone again nothing spawns in. In an ideal world I want to be able to fly through the zone and spawn an aircraft to kill as
  13. Thank you for that, it's very much appreciated. I shall give it a go.
  14. Good morning all, I'm trying to create a mission where I can sit on CAP/CAS and have random enemy units appear. I have been able to get the random units to appear however they are continuous so as soon as one dies the next spawns in. I would like it so that once I've killed the first one that there is a random time thay the next will spawn in. If anyone knows how to do this please let me know, I would be most greatful to you. Kind Regards Dale
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