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  1. For someone who is still keen on axis settings, @Svend_Dellepude noted here that: His solution were to have full virtual deflection when pushed about halfway. I have checked it out and I agree - there is some kind of conflict wih MiG-29 axis scaled 2:1 compared to joystic physical 1:1. You might try Svend method or try artifically move the center a bit in AFT direction and it will make great difference, it will also result in more intuitive take off and landing. One disadventage is trim center also will move AFT. Actually it all depends what price we will pay to be cl
  2. I have checked it today and I agree. If usuall pilot have a short stick and equal deflection & forces for pushing and pulling from center it will be in conflict wih axis scaled 2:1. I tried to artifically move the center a bit AFT direction and it made great effect in feeling the aircraft, it will also result in more intuitive take off and landing. The only disadventage is trim reset. If we reset the trim, center position will be not at the real center but at the center which is artifically moved backward. It all depends what price we will pay to be close to realism.
  3. Hello, I appreciate that my settings were helpful for some of you. Regarding the ROLL I prefer precision near center and less precision near defclection limit. Simple curvature wasn't so satisfying for me, but I think most of pilots would accept it (at the level about 25). Regarding general aerodynamics of MiG-29 in roll - ED took into account decreasing ailerons/elevons effectivity with increased angle of attack and SAU limitation, anyway if you want to increase roll rate during manouvers, you need to decrease angle of attack. If you are in combat turn at high AOA and want to
  4. I do use sun filter, anyway I thought there is possibility to change HUD symbology via some lua file. Tthank you for advice anyway.
  5. Hello, Could someone maybe advise if there is a way to darken the HUD in MiG-29 or make it more readable ? I found out that at max brightness of HUD (Ctrl+Shift+H) it is still unreadable on FullHD screen 20". I have already downloaded ClearHUD mod for MiG-29 and it is better but anyway I want to make it darker. There is no any file like material.lua and I am unable to figure out how to change it.
  6. Hi, So without 'slider' a very similar curve shape is available and some of you might try it, but there is one adventage if slider is set to on. I will attach picture what will happen with slider set to off. A more flat curve is something that increase precision, a more vertical curve is somthing that reduces its precision. We want to have hight precision within flight envelope deflection zones - it is range about 0 to 65. I can actually reduce saturation to 65 and it would be ok, but I couldn't reach maximum deflection. If I will use 'user curve' without slider I will achieve much shorte
  7. Hello there! I would like to share my settings and a way of using it for all fans of MiG-29 who are in troubles due to pitch channel singularity and who are using a short stick like Saitek X52, Saitek Cyborg or Logitech etc. I have spent plenty of hours testing especially take offs and landings with different settings, I found out: during normal flight within envelope, pitch trim is set a bit for AFT ("pulling"), during special circumstances trim setting is FWD or for high AFT setting. when in flight envelope you are pulling the stick over 75% of range, th
  8. Hello, Could someone advice if currently there are some DCS 1.5 servers online ? I have made clean installation with FC3 and I notice only 1 server online, while running DCS 2.5 I see plenty of it on server list. I've read about this issue and I don't know if this is common problem (with blank server list) or simply everybody went on upgraded version (2.5). I can additionally tell that: - port forwarding works fine - IPv6 turned ON - ipconfig/dnsflush done - autoexec.cfg added line net.force_ipv4_lan = true
  9. I agree that my hardware is outdated, but I think the clue is somewhere else. Nowadays the development of new, more efficient hardware is very fast, people don't want to buy new kit every year. Let's consider something like water in two different DCS versions. Water at High in older DCS compared to water at High in new DCS looks very similar to me. Performance cost is huge. You can say that people have today more powerful kit and developers consider this as a base, but why developers don't improve really the graphics - they produce something new on new engine, and it looks even worse and ne
  10. I would like to say my thoughts about performance and I would appreciate if ED would utilize it and take advantage of all conclusions. First of all my hardware isn't new but also isn't so bad: Workstation Dell M6700 Precision, Intel Core i7-3740QM, @ 2.70GHz 2.70GHz, 16GB RAM, Video Card K3000M with 2GB memory. I use DCS 1.5.8 with HDR off, SSAA OFF, Lens effects off, water to low and rest settings to medium (in general), it gives me with good circumstances 50 FPS (medium altitude flying in cockpit) and with bad circumstances about 28-30 FPS (close to city, airports and with some mod
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