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  1. Great, thanks for the tips @MBot. These things go really fast, I can only imagine how high stress this mission would have been if crews had to do it (granted if they attacked our carriers with cruise missiles we were probably at nuclear war already)
  2. Tried these today, had some difficulty picking up the AS-4s at all. Is there a guide of some sort on how to fly this kind of intercept? The SS-N-12s I managed to catch pretty well, though.
  3. Yeah, this has been my experience as well, better performance in TWS than STT. Not sure if it's actually a discrepancy between the missile guidance modes, luck, or pilot skill on my end though. Sparrows also seem to be roughly 50/50, but the 50% they don't work, they start to turn in then just completely fail to guide.
  4. SPOILERS MISSION 4 Thanks for the heads up, I'll make sure to download it. I've also been experiencing the same Sparrow issues that are being posted about in other threads, but I don't think I have anything to say about it that hasn't already been raised. Otherwise, it's a fun campaign! The best touch so far is when the soundtrack faded in at the end of mission 4, that genuinely surprised me.
  5. SPOILERS FOR MISSION 5 Boy, this is a big step up in difficulty. Those MiGs taking off from Guadata are giving me quite a bit of trouble. It is a bit irritating that they only seem to spawn in as they are taking off (unless I am missing something), would be nice to snipe them while taxiing. The R-73s are nasty up close.
  6. I decided to bring my camera to document mission 4. Had to put it away pretty fast though
  7. Just finished the first two missions of the campaign. It's a lot of fun! Bravo Heatblur!
  8. Fighter pilots and NASCAR drivers both, then. :P
  9. I don't see how that's any different than using ReShade for post processing ingame, which a lot of people do here.
  10. Jester tried out his new camera today on a sortie over Iran.
  11. Absolutely agreed, Cage the Bear was a blast and so is Operation Earnest Will which I am going through right now. Hopefully that one gets updated to give me some practice in the A though.
  12. Wow, three campaigns. And that doesn't even include Cage the Bear, right?
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