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  1. I think the issue is when we strive for realism in some areas, without being able to achieve it in others. For example, it is determined that at some altitude with little wind we should not render any texture at 1080p. In real life a Pilot doesn't see in 1080p, or even 4k. Their ability to move their head around and the massively increased resolution and nuances detectable by the human eye are able to convey that texture in some way. We must compromise on the realism sadly. I would say the old renderings are indeed a bit in the wrong direction regarding textures, wave peaks etc. but that the n
  2. Disappointing for those still on the stable version.
  3. Bit aggressive and judgy mate. Suggesting a workaround is fine, particularly if you have no clue as to the real problem. Might get the OP up and flying in MP while someone works out the real underlying issue.
  4. From a gameplay perspective it’s worse in both 2d and vr. Driven my harrier into the sea a few times in both modes since 2.7. I can’t say whether it’s more realistic or not now but it does make life more difficult!
  5. As title. It looks weird and wrong to me. Is this intentional? The way the sea looks has quite obviously changed. Maybe (cloud reflections aside) it is more realistic now but it has caused me to crash into the sea several times because the see looks the same at 1000ft as it does at 10ft.
  6. This fabulous mission is giving us all kinds of issues in 2.7. Crashes, aircraft not rendering properly, super low frame rates etc. Anyone else has this?
  7. This has always worked in the past but I just installed this for 2.7 - deleting the shaders first using the DCS Updater app - but the display on my monitor does not display the VR mask i.e. I get a full rectangular image on my monitor. Is this normal now or have I done something wrong? EDIT: Ignore me. Just read about the mask situation here - Everything behaving normally now I've understood it all!
  8. Yep, I don't care if people like them or not; if you want to see a video of a changed system the grim reapers are invariably there first, and on day one of a systems change that's what's important. If you don't like them then I guess you go figure it out yourself or you stop flying til someone else makes a video. For a detailed, considered breakdown of how the systems work I go with RedKite or deepphack but the style of their video means they will take longer to come. EDIT: Last night Chuck's Harrier guide was unavailable from Mudspike. Possibly he's updating it?
  9. My Display_StrokeDefs.lua looks like this: stroke_thickness = 0.5 stroke_fuzziness = 0.4 -- Currently is used for DMC generated fonts black outline DMC_outline_thickness = 0.0 DMC_outline_fuzziness = 0.0 DMC_stroke_thickness = 0.65 DMC_stroke_fuzziness = 0.42 Note the changed values in red. I couple this with dialling the gain right back and dropping the contrast a few notches and have a super readable MPCD in 2D and VR
  10. This is the only complaint I have in 2.7. Well done Razbam, good stuff. The MFCD font is still annoying but I personally have a good workaround that I'm happy with:
  11. When A2A refuelling the little v symbols drift toward you from the tanker engines as they monitor the heat. Very cool.
  12. ...when mirrors are turned off. It's still reacting to changes in the environment. Hard to explain but visible in 2D and vr.
  13. The sticky zone is already there and currently cannot be removed (to my annoyance!). It's there deliberately to help people with controls like yours so if you still have difficulty hitting 82 degrees then it might be time for some new hardware lol.
  14. What stick and throttle do you have? There's a zone that Razbam added so that 82 degrees "sticks" for a bit.
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