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  1. Well, this certainly looks interesting. I'm just about to finish up my review of the VirPil HOTAS, but perhaps in the future I might check out your fully metal product and give it a review for popularity. I'll keep an eye on your work.
  2. Things got a little hot and heavy and I completely forgot to switch it to green mode after everything was said and done until my landing. But while you are playing, it really wasn't as bad as the youtube video shows. Then again I was flying off of Jabs and looking at him more than my own HUD.
  3. If you do, then that would be huge. I just bought this so i'm very hopeful right now! Good luck in the development.
  4. For Blue side it went splendidly! Tried doing the GCI thing for the first time and it worked out relatively well.
  5. Where and to whom do I message in order to report a player?
  6. Don't worry gents, you can manage without AAR but it depends on how good and fast you are at completing your objectives, so don't fret. Focus more on being very good with CDU grid inputs. Also doesn't hurt to know how to manage your AI wingman, they can be a very powerful tool if used right. Or don't use them and complete the mission on your own as a HARD MODE.
  7. Check the last page or two, info there.
  8. We're all hoping it will get sorted out before he finishes these products... hoping....
  9. You bet your sweet pink scrawny ass I will be buying one of these and reviewing it! Looks awesome!
  10. Currently it takes 2 aim 9s to kill a mig-29. The damage model they have for that thing is crude, always has been, always will be. Having a bunch of these maggots flying around as front runner defense force will seriously hamper things down. AFAIK the F4s go down as they should. They even fire on their own Blue side, happened to me twice already.
  11. CiriBob. Will this enable us to use comms much the same way we have IVC in BMS? Meaning that we can have MULTIPLE radio frequencies with MULTIPLE buttons for them? EX: Have UHF channel to talk to flight of F-15s, FM channel to talk to your own squadron, AM to talk to AWACS. Something of that nature? Or just one channel for now? RED FLAG for BMS was rather well structured that way as we used one channel I think to talk to anyone within 10 miles of the airfield you are occupying to self manage air traffic without any need of ATC, then after take off you would switch to the GUARD channel (I think) to talk to AWACS. Then our secondary Victor channels were for our personal flight groups so we don't step on anyone else. I really miss that comms organization.
  12. because they made the F-15 be an even earlier version than the SUs in game which already have the datalink. That F-15 MFD is stuck to the Weapon load out page but there are many other pages on there of interest. The Flankers all got their datalink. The F-15 did not and there are no plans to include it.
  13. leavu is fantastic. Comparable to the Russians having info on their screen with an AWACS around. F-15s are meant to have datalink after all. But yeah, if you want to turn it off from your server, do what you want. But as long as some servers allow this to be used for the greatness of it then it's all peachy on my end. Great work Yoda, still think it's definitely worth paying 10 bucks for this over textures.
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