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  1. Ok, my take on canopy reflections with the 2.7 patch: There ARE some still, but they've now been apparently scaled back to about maybe 5 percent of what they were in the previous version of the Open Beta. In fact, canopy reflections appear to not even be dynamic anymore and instead are now built into the 3D aircraft model. Extremely unrealistic at present with the 2.7 open beta patch; the canopy is mostly a shader effect now like in a 1980s computer game. I am going to venture to guess that with the DCS A-10 module being so old now that the 2.7 patch was geared to enhance all the newer
  2. Thank you guys. Repth, a video card would obviously have to support ray tracing for this to take effect though, right? My older Nvidia doesn't, unfortunately.
  3. Hi, Just watched Wags' video on the new A10 Maverick behavior with the 2.7 patch and I noticed that all HUD and canopy reflections now seem to be absent. Also, the cockpit gauges no longer appear to have reflective glass effects. Can anyone confirm?
  4. I encountered the same problem when designing a mission some time ago, and posted a thread here with my findings. In my case, the JTAC's datalink transmission was being blocked by mountainous terrain between his Humvee and my aircraft. DCS apparently models terrain interference somehow that's particular with datalink operation. After placing the target and JTAC on a flat terrain area in subsequent missions, I was able to pick up his datalink without any problem. In other words, the JTAC is most likely sending a datalink to your aircraft, but terrain features are blocking line of sig
  5. I assume the fuel control units on the A-10 are somewhat analogous to FADEC in civilian airliners in that engine power is electronically 'tuned' to deliver a specific performance value without overboosting the engines? But does MAX throttle setting on the real A-10 nevertheless have a time limit like MIL power does on afterburning jet engines?
  6. You may be on to something here. I'm using pretty old hardware by today's standards. Yes, after doing some research on the topic, MANY ppl have had the same issue going back several years. Arggggh. How else can one enjoy the new BRRRRTTT sound without using replay?
  7. Hi, I've experienced the same phenomenon over and over in DCS with both the older and newer versions of the A-10 series in regard to track replays. Specifically, sometimes they work perfectly, whilst an equal number of times they function corruptly. With corrupt experiences, the replay will show an aircraft attempting to target vehicles that don't exist, ignoring the actual targets attacked and destroyed during real-time missions. Additionally, the flight path of the aircraft will very frequently be non-nonsensical, with my aircraft rolling inverted and crashing into the ground instea
  8. Hi Ian, I've now managed to get a ATGM Stryker to work with IR pointing, but like you I've no real idea why one mission works in particular whilst others do not. Thank you for uploading your working mission! I will look at your .miz file to see if I can find some common ground.
  9. Well, the good news is I finally got the Predator to IR mark a target for me. Nighttime target designation is one of the more cooler things you can do in DCS IMHO. Not having any luck with any of the ground vehicles at night though, including either version of the Stryker, unfortunately. Perhaps, as you say Ian, getting all the JTACS and targets situated in the right alignment/range is critical here. The Predator is awesome though, especially with EPLRs and unrestricted datalink range - ground JTACs require line of sight to aircraft for datalink to work, and EPLRs can
  10. Hi, I can't seem to make my JTACs use an IR pointer to mark targets during night attacks in my missions. I assign the IR pointer to them, but they always tell me, "no mark" during the nine line. I've also tried using various unarmed vehicles as FACs, including all types of Humvees, as well as armed vehicles like APCs. I've also tried adjusting the range from anywhere to 1 mile to 1000 ft, but FACs still won't give me an IR point. Also have tried using a Predator drone as FAC, but same thing - no IR pointer. Also, in nighttime conditions, my JTA
  11. I'm seeing the same thing, but also in SP mode. Latest Open Beta Patch.
  12. Hello, After further testing on my part, the current HUD symbology actually appears to be correct - I sincerely apologize for my mistake in reporting a bug. With the newer A10CII product, HUD symbology for IAM employment has changed somewhat (in comparison to the older A10C version) in regard to the steering cue, inclusion of a range staple, and also the weapon release indicator. The A10CII now uses a flashing 'RDY' label on the HUD when dropping an IAM in CCRP mode, rather than a flashing 'MAN REL' label as was used in the older A10C verson. So, all is well.
  13. Hello, Utilizing the A10CII sim before the DCS World OB Patch, the "MAN REL" label on the HUD would flash when the bomb release button was pressed and a IAM munition came off the rail in CCRP mode. This served as an indication that the selected bomb successfully launched from the aircraft. With the newest patch however, the "MAN REL" label no longer flashes during bomb release. I believe this is incorrect behavior? The only way to verify a successful bomb release under present conditions is the monitor the DMS stores page during a bomb
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