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  1. @ Xordus: I think i get it work, i connected to different servers with success. The Problem seems to be the "User Interface Application" by Heartblur which was blocked by Kaspersky Firewall. Maybe somebody from the Team can say what kind of application this is, when it needs connection to the internet. Hope this will help you too.
  2. i also tried to uninstall the viggen-module with reinstall -> same problem in mp :-( damn i like this module so much...... what happened in 2.2, that this error appears ??? does this module use different ports or something ?
  3. no mp with the viggen I also have problems in MP - when i select the viggen on the server an press fly, it tooks some time until i find myself in the main-menu (on the server they see connection timeout). tried this with several servers, at this moment im not able to fly the viggen anymore in mp on other servers. when playing in sp, all works fine...... also, when i host the game. edit: reapir doesn't work for this problem.... uploaded the logfile, the last entries are: 02014.378 ERROR wInfo: negative weight of payload "{DB434044-F5D0-4F1F-9BA9-B73027E18DD3}" 02014.673 WARN
  4. Ich bin der selben Ansicht wie AlexDuke. Da gibt es wenig hinzuzufügen.
  5. tja euer a-10 modul braucht ihr für mich nicht zu entwickeln.
  6. nene bis der patch rauskommt habe ich meinen ppl-c fertig *grins*
  7. as written before you shouldnt buy an passive hub. i had issues with my passive (track ir takes some power) so my only opinion was to use the usb slots direct at the mainboard which give you a short range and problems to get a good position for the camera.
  8. The Pirat is a nice sailplane. Great work. I prefer the ASK 21 :-)
  9. -GI- Xfire


    what missiles ???
  10. Gefällt mir. Nice work !!!
  11. Im also not happy with the delay of the patch. as someone says: "in august will noone need trainingtracks anymore". so better use this capacity to bring the patch to release. im wondering about telling us "maybe may" to "maybe august". that are about 3 months. if i would do my job this way, i would have to search another one. keep in mind, that your customers wont buy you future dcs modules if they can wait an half year for updates. but i dont only want to give bs a negative comment: in comparison to other games published this time is has a relative stable version.
  12. well of course ed will use max, but i dont think every modder can buy such an expensive software. So blendersupport will be one of the best things to keep dcs alive....
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