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  1. I finally got around to playing with the ALE-47 and think that manual is the best for me too. At first I thought S/A would be the best but I ran into a couple of problems: with an advanced threat like the SA-10, S/A mode pumps out chaff at a high rate and will continue to do so until lock is broken. I found that my chaff was depleted fairly quickly when approaching an SA-10 site. It's easy to grant consent to dispense earlier than intended when the RWR is deedle-deedling at you and you see that solid "10" line on you. while dispensing in S/A mode I found I can interrupt cha
  2. Does this still work as expected with I spent some time playing around with OAPs today and found that I could slave the ATFLIR between a waypoint and its O/S using the WPDSG and O/S buttons on the HSI but trying to assign offset coordinates to a GPS/INS weapon in TOO mode was not working. For example: with a JDAM in TOO mode, pressing the WPDSG button on the HSI will successfully plug in the waypoint coordinates to the weapon but pressing the O/S button does not change the coordinates seen in the JDAM MSN page. Offset data also remains blank on the MSN page. The onl
  3. You can edit the following file to set the initial position of the kneeboard to your liking: Scripts/Aircrafts/_Common/Cockpit/ViewportHandling.lua Look for the following line and modify accordingly: local x0 = 0 From experimenting, the value in the variable represents the offset in pixels from the right edge of your monitor(s). For example, my second monitor has a resolution of 1920x1080 so I changed this value to: local x0 = 1920 That pushes the kneeboard 1920 pixels to the left and puts it on the left edge of my first
  4. I think this problem is affecting me right now, Open Beta version The LSO Main Screen Window as described in the Supercarrier Operations Guide is not displayed. I'm using 2 monitors and exporting MFDs to the second monitor. I tried testing with a single monitor setup but the results were the same, no LSO PLAT cam window. Resolution is 3840x1080, "Scale GUI" option set to 1. I'm attaching my multiple monitor config file. FWIW, I saw something similar with a few of the Huey panels (AI and cargo view) and was able to tweak an associated LUA file to get the
  5. I'm not sure if you want non-reports but the fly-an-empty-mission-first method worked for me really well. After today's patch, I tried 5-8 missions without flying an empty mission and experienced no crashes. I'll report back, submit logs if crashes to happen again. Thanks to @Flappie, the beta tester team and all the devs for all the hard work. I've been following this monster thread and it can't be easy staying on top of all the various crash reports.
  6. Same here. It's like Christmas morning reading changelogs!
  7. Just in case you haven't noticed yet, increases flare count so now the Hornet can carry 120 expendables in any combination.
  8. First _OK_ landing ever! Super excited this happened.
  9. Same here but it was Hornet 3.0/Korea, EF2000, Jane's F-15E, and Flanker 1.5 and 2.x for me. I dabbled with Jane's F/A-18 but never got too far into it. Hornet 3.0 and Korea were some of my favorite games back then and I'm thrilled beyond words to have something like the DCS Hornet module to enjoy these days.
  10. It looks like the patch released today mentions a fix for this in the changelog. I just did a daytime flight in the Mustang and can confirm that it has been fixed, hopefully for all aircraft. Thanks for checking @NineLine
  11. Thanks for the summary @Bunny Clark. I briefly played around with the new HOTAS/TDC features and found them marginally useful. I have my TDC axis sensitivities relatively low to help with fine adjustments when targeting so it's too slow for me to move it edge-to-edge on the DDI. This is made worse by the way the cursor resets to the upper left corner after hitting the TDC depress when selecting something like the range arrows. Some questions: anyone know what is "TA" mode on the A/G radar format? what is EXP: FAST? I'll be digging around the docs and experime
  12. That's some crazy public school math LOL. (j/k, I think the use of the word "ratio" saved you)
  13. Ah, thanks. I don't think my post was very clear as the responses from @=Panther= and @Shimmergloom667 did not address my actual question. I already understand about cycling through tanks and setting date/clock/TZ. What I was trying to figure out was what "SP" signified and the various numbers that are displayed next to "SP" when you press QTY or up arrow after MODE is pushed a single time. It seems like this is something that is cosmetically implemented but has no real impact on operation of the plane?
  14. When the MODE button is pressed once, "SP" along with 3 digits is displayed. I've only seen "888" on the first press. If "QTY" or the up arrow button is pressed, the number cycle through different values. What does "SP" mean and what do the various values that cycle though indicate?
  15. Welp, crashses while loading 2nd missions are back.
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