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  1. It's all about what level of immersion the player is going for and what tasks help them get there. I did run through the cold start process multiple times to understand it and have downloaded @Bunny Clark's kneeboard page (thanks Bunny!) but I haven't cold-started the Hornet in a weeks. DCS is my big, open sandbox where I can take my box of toy airplanes out on test scenarios and fly like a jackass or fly as close as possible to my own perception of realism. It's all about having fun. For me, I like trying to understand everything I can learn about the sim but having to do everything by th
  2. Ok, I'm not the most technically adept at this stuff but here goes... Is it possible that the AZ/EL format is capable of displaying IFF contacts that aren't getting painted by the onboard radar? Sort of like how non-military ATC systems work at airports. As @Mo410 suggested, an appropriate interrogation mode would have to be used. If so, I would think a filter based on IFF mode would be better than a range filter. But hey, it's the Hornet not the F-35. As I dig into the Hornet more, I'm finding various user interface/usability issues that have me scratching my head and wonderi
  3. Good suggestion with TWS AUTO. I'll give that a shot and see how it works for me. I wouldn't burn too much time on the AA FLIR mode if you don't already use it. I was fiddling with it out of curiosity and to see if it worked as advertised in the various docs I've read. It works as described most of the time but I've only used it in controlled test missions. I thought it might be useful in setting up a sneak attack like the EO sensor in Flanker 1/2 but it's not that easy to use and can't imagine it being very useful in an actual combat mission. The helmet-mounted display and AI
  4. I've been reading about and experimenting with the AZ/EL page in the Hornet and one thing I can't figure out is the purpose of the CIT range function (OSB 12, 13) and azimuth limit function (OSB 19). Is there a tactical or technical reason why I would want to limit the range or width of the FOV for IFF interrogations? It seems that keeping both options at their maximum values provides the most benefit in terms of information and SA. There doesn't seem to be a performance penalty nor does there seem to be any reason to do so from a tactical perspective. I mean the radar is surely
  5. I ran into the same problem with the Hornet and a practice mission I had created with the ME. I found the solution to my problem in the forums here and thought I'd add to this thread, which was also returned in my search results. In my case, the mission file itself contained its own Snapviews.lua file. The file size of the problematic mission was significantly larger than the other missions in the directory. I unzipped it and took a look at the contents. I also learned yesterday that the *.miz files can be unzipped. I found a Config directory in there that contained a Snapview
  6. I crossposted this question on r/hoggit and just added a follow-up there. Cut/pasting here in case another novice might find my results useful. I was able to scrounge a second 1920x1080 monitor and have been dicking around with MFD exports all morning and here's what I've found. This is mostly for the clueless beginner like me who might be doing some shotgun Googling. All testing was done with the Hornet. - when exporting right and left MFDs to a second monitor each as 800x800 displays to a
  7. Good find! Thanks for digging up this photo. This certainly would've been a good question for the F-86 episode at the Fighter Pilot Podcast.
  8. My setup: i7-2600K 16 GB RAM AMD R9 290 OpenTrack With my current game/system settings, I'm getting anywhere from 30-70 FPS in the Hornet in Syria map with Free Flight or light training missions. It'll sometimes dip below 30 when flying near populated areas. I'm interested in getting the Thrustmaster Cougar MFD button panels to slap on a second smaller (11" 1920x1080?) monitor and exporting 2 DDIs to the second screen. Given my setup, what kind of framerate hit should I expect to take? While researching this, I also found some reports that
  9. Not really a question about the sim but about the Sabre in general. I've been reading the manual and Chuck's guide and noticed that the outboard pylons were capable of carrying 200 gallon tanks and the inboard pylons were capable of 120 gallon tanks. At first glance, it seems that it would make more sense to carry heavier load closer to the centerline of the airplane. Am I wrong about this? If not, what's the reason for this design?
  10. Exactly the information I was looking for. Thank you! I really find it satisfying to learn about and understand these details. However, I can confirm this does not appear to be modeled properly as Joni mentioned above. I just ran a quick test. Notice the radar is in SIL mode but AGR is still being used to compute release point: I'm really having a lot of fun learning the Hornet but one of things that is really slowing me down is figuring out what exactly is wrong when I come across an unknown/undocumented item or something that contradicts documentation I've read.
  11. I've been reading up on dumb bomb delivery using CCIP mode in the Hornet and one thing has been driving me nuts. Under the HUD altitude box, I've seen the letters "A", "B", "R" appear when an unguided bomb is selected to be delivered in CCIP mode. I have no idea what these mean. I've looked through the early release manual, Chuck's guide, Hoggit Wiki, various Youtube videos, searched forums/reddit and even scanned the NATOPS manual and haven't found any information about these letters. These images were grabbed from the Hoggit Wiki. For the most part,
  12. I finally got around to upgrading my 12+ year old PC and can finally run DCS at a decent framerate. It's been over 10 years since I've simmed and am looking for a good replacement for my gameport CH devices. I've been doing a lot of research and the devices from VKB and Virpil have really caught my eye. However, there are more than a few stories regarding support like yours that have me concerned. Wait time for order fulfilment is another factor. It's great that business is good for Virpil and I get it that every company has its pros/cons but I don't feel like taking a chance with their p
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