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  1. Yep I have observed the same behaviour, it always shows the pylon status, regardless of whether a Waypoint button is pressed/held or not.
  2. @deltatango Maybe he copied the files in the Mod/Tech folder inside of the DCS Root directory (i.e. C:\Program Files\DCS World\...) and not the User Mod Folder (i.e. C:\UserFiles\Saved Games\DCS). The latter would be the correct one.
  3. @Don Quichot Confirm, when trying to select the campaign in DCS there is nothing showing under the DCE Category? (Picture for Reference)
  4. One quick comment regarding note #2: Usually you would add not leading but "trailing" 0s since a MGRS Coordinate with less than 10 Digits usually denotes one of lesser accuracy. So to enter 32U LV 123 456 you should type 32U LV 12300 45600 and not 32U LV 00123 00456 as suggested in your manual Greetings
  5. When using the EHSD in N-UP Mode the TACAN Bearing pointer is still placed in relation to the Aircraft and not in relation to the now shifted compass rose. I marked in Red where it should be pointing in my opinion.
  6. Hey Guys, just made a few adjustments to one of the LUA Scripts so DCE can now be used by People who have there saved games folder on a Harddrive different than the C-Drive. File to be overriden is found in Saved Games\DCS\Mods\tech\DCE\ScriptsMod.20.38.01\Mission Scripts Full Path to Saved Games folder must be set in the paths.bat in the INIT Folder, e.g. set "pathSavedGames=F:\UserFiles\Saved Games\DCS\" @MBot I highly suggest to review the file and add it to upcoming releases / updates, the changes where made @ Line 230 & 257 Greetings a
  7. Thats exactly my issue I don't know if this is an actual aircraft behavior (if so how to avoid it) or a thing DCS does?
  8. Good Morning, I am finding that the TGT Diamond in the HUD is sometimes not correctly overlayed with the Target which is tracked by the TGP. Then when getting lower to the Ground it sometimes not always jumps to the correct Target position which is what I assume the Aircraft now using the Rad Alt as its primary Height Sensor!? Is there any way to force the Aircraft using the INS/GPS as the primary Height sensor. This type of Problem might also be related to the recent Issues with the CCIP being inacurate!?
  9. This only works with the INS either in NAV or IFA otherwise reverts to green
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