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  1. Grievo


    Just wanted to add my appreciation to the avalanche, just been flying in the syria map in VR, it looks sensational and performance has improved enormously. Thanks so much for all your hard work ED team, I'm glad to be part of the community here supporting you guys doing great things.
  2. Seconded, and I believe Cowboy10uk's post counts as a third!
  3. Just been in the Cauc. map. So it said the mission was over and there was no f10 option to generate any missions or tasks. I'm guessing this is a bug as It's always just restarted and loaded up a new game in the past. It was the afternoon HEAT scenario I think. I literally just left the server if the time of this post helps you figure out which scenario it was. Thanks for all your work guys.
  4. For me it's more for things like VR shaders that greatly improve fps, particularly around the dense urban areas on the syria map.
  5. Brilliant, Means I don't have to pretend the Pilot gunsight and flex-sight aren't there when playing as a slick!
  6. *Carried from forum in triumph*
  7. I just use voice attack for it mate. Tee it up so on the command "Drop" it does all the button pushing for me... A button would be nice, but we beggars can't be choosers!
  8. Not sure if it's a bug or not, but in the Syria server around Haifa and Beirut, the hospitals all seem to be at or near capacity even when there's no one on the server. Bit frustrating when the next closest empty hospital is 130km away! Like I say, I might have just been unlucky the couple of times I've tried it out, but It's been on two occasions in a row, and I've never been able to drop off a rescue (4 casualties) at the hospitals in one town.
  9. Any chance of getting slots to bind specific keys to the various ROE iterations for door gunners and copilot? The cycling makes it difficult to use with voice attack when flying in VR, and it would mean less reliance on the Crew Panel. eg. ability to assign a key for the right door gunner to return fire. A different key to go weapons free, and a different key to go weapons hold. doesn’t have to have keys assigned, just the ability to do so would be great. cheers.
  10. Guys I've been playing this server off and on for a few months now and I absolutely love it. Previously I was more of an offline SP guy, but this is now my go-to when I open DCS. I would like to congratulate the team on bringing firefighting onto the server. I've been doing a lot of it over the last couple of days and it is very immersive. I have some ideas that I think would be great to be implemented though. - Is there anyway to implement the destroyed environment effect from the mission editor into the path of the fire? I.e. If it goes through a town, it would leave
  11. Are there plans to re-issue the older helicopter modules, namely Huey and Mi-8 with updated cockpits and external models or similar, as has been done with Black Shark and A-10C?
  12. I agree with this. It actually provides some cool options for very realistic MP missions. I'll happily have the E6B computer out and my head in the charts for some nice dawn raids on occupied France. Can't wait.
  13. Hey Dangerzone, man I hated flying the Mi-8 for ages, kept giving it a go and going back to the Huey, but with the Search and Rescue Server I actually put a few hours into it and it’s actually pretty amazing. The variety in mission set is also fairly enticing. There’s some good propaganda “documentaries” about Russian helicopters in Syria, and the CSAR one featuring the Mi-8 gives some pretty cool ideas for misssions. Anyway. Stick with it and give it a chance. It’s a beast, but very capable once you learn its foibles.
  14. 1.) +1 on removable doors. Both cockpit and sliding. Pics of the DoS Hueys in the Middle East and Afghanistan show a lot of doors off work. Might jazz it up enough to make some nice DoS missions and campaigns in the Syria map. 2.) Two weapons pylon options, front and back. So I can fly a slick without all the bushranger sighting equipment set up in the front. 3.) Ground units such as stretcher parties, infantry carrying wounded. Would make a big difference for Mission editor scenarios. 4.) Infantry able to go prone. Again for ME. 5.) Disembarking
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