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  1. Imagine the F-16A alongside other same-era technological stuff in the Syria map with Israel... I hope the F-16A will come true.
  2. Thank you all for answering :) Would you mind telling me why it's the closest thing to BMS? :) Maybe telling some story what you have experienced. Downloading Liberation right now! Need to wait till the kids go to bed, give my wife a few kisses and off I am.
  3. Was searching in the forums and that pretty much is exactly what I'm hoping for since decades.... or better said: since Falcon 3.0 came out. I like the F-16C... but the technology state is too advanced for my taste. Wouldn't it be interesting knowing, how the F-16A was operating back in the days? It would fit the cold war era perfectly. Well... maybe some day. I would instantly buy this one and I guess I'm not alone.
  4. You guessed right mate haha :) So, what are the differences between Liberation or DCE campaigns? I saw a nice GUI reg. Liberation. What do you like more and why? What comes closer to BMS? (well.. none of them really, but one is better than the other right?)
  5. Hello folks, just asking if you can help me deciding which campaign to go for. What are their pros and cons? I'm coming from Falcon BMS and look forward for an immersive dynamic campaign. I'd appreciate any help from experienced folks. Thanks in advance! Greetings, Cabal
  6. How good is the MiG-23 compared to the Tomcat? Any chance to survive an encounter? How effective is the radar of the MiG-23?
  7. Thank you for saying this. There are too many of those who count bugs and gamebreaking stuff of which most aren’t that serious. These perfectionistic finicky dudes are all about rep-damaging than just pointing out flaws etc. Such dude won’t get asleep if it’s not 100% dark and quiet in their bedroom, staying up all night in anger just because a random car drove by. One such dudes was going nuts online because ppl used the text chat, it messed up his concentration that he went completely nuts. This reminds me of those guys who destroyed the old Harpoon series, wars are active to this very date
  8. Another red fighter bomber would be nice... besides the old Su-25's in DCS.
  9. Interesting plane, I suggested the Su-22 in another thread.
  10. TheCabal

    F-15E UFC poll

    Do both... I hate the "digital horsecrap".
  11. A-6... very nice! The Tornado is important as well ;)
  12. Hi there folks, what you think about the Su-22 for DCS? Didn’t remember seeing any post reg. this bird. Would be a great addition. (as well as the Tornado & F-104) Greetings, Cabal
  13. TheCabal

    F-15E UFC poll

    My god.... most of you voted for that digital crap? I‘m more and more disappointed reg. this community every day.
  14. Sorry, but I suggest you go back to Falcon BMS and come back after another 20 years because of that gamebreaking AMRAAM-issue, which must bother you everyday for years right? You must've learned by now how different software-developing can work out, don't you? Maybe Command Modern Operations is something for you? Lot's of stuff to complain about there as well. The Harpoon community wars back then managed to destroy the Harpoon series completely. Lunatics even today participate in wars against CMO/CMANO as if nothing else in life matters AFTER DECADES. This is sick...
  15. Do whatever you like dude but remember, 2020 is not the 90s (rise of flight sim era) and we had only Falcon 4.0 (now BMS) for two decades with no real alternatives till DCS started to evolve. So: It's support/keep alive if you find something interesting or else we risk flying Cessnas in Flight Simulator or Falcon BMS for another two decades. Besides... this community slowly starts to remind me of Harpoons crazy community back then.
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