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  1. Yes, but there should be a upgrade pricing structure. So if you buy one module the upgrade price to a different version should be not more than 15€.
  2. Thanks a lot! Now I am able to play DCS again!
  3. Since v25 and v26 PTC I also have random link disconnects. For example yesterday on the Cold War server: All went great till the takeoff. After takeoff it stutters like hell and then disconnects. Also I discovered a weird glitch. Sometimes half of my view are brighter than the upper half. Switching from cockpit view to F10 and back sometimes solve this bug. Settings in the ODT are standard and resolution is maxed out at 72hz. Please Oculus fix this!
  4. Because of the Cold War Server I switched from stable to open beta. But because my wingman wants to stay on stable I bought a 1TB SSD to have enough space for stable and beta at the same time. Maybe I can convince him also to switch to beta sometimes. @Alpenwolf Is there a reason why you didn’t integrate the A4 mod into some missions? Is it related to the IC Problem? Edit: Sorry found the answer: This has been discussed quite often and you've figured it out yourself; it would require every player to download the mod and be up to date with it. Can't
  5. Thanks a lot for this great server and missions. After half a year with DCS I finally recognise the fun of limited technology. To shot down a bandit with a aim9P is so extremely rewarding. Did you consider to offer special benefits for people who do donations? Not in terms of pay to win but something like special slots. And whats your opinion of the upcoming Mirage F1? Should be a great plane for the Cold War Server?
  6. What helped a lot for my setup was to set the process priority of the OVRSer er_x64 to “above normal” If this won’t help you also could try the setting “real-time” instead of “above normal”. But you have to set it every restart again, or use a tool like Process Lasso.
  7. I have the same problem with my Quest 1. Not only if I use F2 but sometimes there is an extreme stuttering. To eliminate I have to change from ASW „disabled“ to „Auto“ and back. Sometimes I also have to enable the Bypass proximity sensor option for a few seconds. After that all runs perfekt. Still didn’t found the cause for that behaviour.
  8. It’s great to have it in the F14 and the Viggen. Why not for the F16? +1
  9. Not new favourites, but I realised that the F14B is still my favourite aircraft. Did you already tested the F14 and what’s your opinion? But I also enjoyed the UH1. Very cool to fly such close to the ground or around a carrier. Especially in VR.
  10. Well my first plane was the F14 and a XBOX Controller, which can also be very challenging. Without any knowledge of airplanes or sim. But that’s the great about Free for All, if it’s to hard or no fun to learn it, I will skip that part of DCS. Or I will try it again next year.
  11. I am also very excited for the Free 4 All weeks. Finally I can try a Heli and Warplanes.
  12. Thanks a lot for your experience . I am now on a 1070ti and a Quest 1. I also thinking of buying a 3070 or a 3080. Can you also please show your complete settings in DCS before and after the 3070? And what module are you playing? Reason is that I am not sure if the 8GB of the 3070 are enough for the F14 and SuperCarrier.
  13. Ahh thanks, so its the time how long Jester keep the GND Stab? Means if I select GND STAB 120s Jester used the GND STAB Mode for 120 seconds and than he goes back to AC Stab?
  14. Hey, can somebody explain what the numbers in the Jester menu behind the GND STAB selection means?
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