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  1. Any chance we could see improvements to the DCS JF-17 such as a functioning HMD and, I know this is asking for a lot but what about the off-bore sight PL-10E missile? I mean, Deka did make a JF-17 for DCS and no where does it say exactly which block it's meant to be. Sure some say it's block I with some block II features, but we do have a HMD button in the cockpit. I understand majority of block III is classified but maybe some features could make it in, such as HMD.
  2. That's implying Mi-24 won't persuade Eagle Dynamics to further develop ground troops in DCS to enhance the helicopter gameplay.
  3. Look I'm not saying you guys are wrong. I'm just saying it would be cool.
  4. "Modern" >MiG-19A Once we get an Su-30MKK then BLUFOR NATO players will be screaming hahaha
  5. F4U-1's vs. A6M2's. This thread is talking about the A6M5. With the direction props are taking in DCS with all being late-war variants such as K-4, P-51D and late Spitfire I don't think any player controlled zero is a good idea. Should instead focus on early war props to fill out opposition to the I-16, A6M2 can then be one of them but not until there are equal planes for it to face, else it would be a bloodbath for the Zeros. These are American pilots though, so I guess the Japanese have a chance lol
  6. I don't think a Zero is necessary. It wouldn't make much sense introducing a player aircraft that would get absolutely ruined by P-51D and Corsair. Their only hopes would be to get the enemy slow or come in from a stealthily position. Kind of ridiculous to be honest if the goal is to recreate the almost non-existent late-war KDR of the A6M5. Keep it as an AI aircraft and focus on more important aircraft like La-5/7 and a Yak of some kind.
  7. If that's what you like then buy Viggen
  8. Fair enough. Would be cool though to use the crew cabin in a variety of different ways though. Maybe like loading it with cargo and using it to drop supplies to troops and such.
  9. Also, I mean wouldn't this be a sort of redneck approach anyways? What proof or source would exactly be needed for some pilots saying "fuck it" and loading a bunch of munitions in the cabin? It's not like these things are clocks and need to be delicately tuned. They're Soviet machines, you can do what you want with them. I'm sure something like this has happened at least once in its History. Maybe once around the less mountainous and lower altitude locations. I understand Afghanistan is high-altitude but not all parts. Specifically around the north it's low altitude. It's not unrealistic to as
  10. Good point. Like I said though, maybe some mission maker could create some trigger which does something similar in a scripted mission.
  11. How would it be a risk to land in the middle of nowhere? If you had plenty of fuel, and Soviet soldiers needed your assistance, I don't see why not to load ammunition in the passenger compartment and load up again if it's not too far away. If you could post a source specifically saying this is a myth and never actually happened, then I would appreciate it. Until then, a myth should still be made possible in a videogame. Maybe some mission editor could make this happen with triggers or something.
  12. Despite facing strong resistance from Afghan rebels, the Mi-24 proved to be very destructive. The rebels called the Mi-24 "Shaitan-Arba" (Satan's Chariot)". In one case, an Mi-24 pilot who was out of ammunition managed to rescue a company of infantry by maneuvering aggressively towards Mujahideen guerrillas and scaring them off." Any chance the AI could be developed in a way where infantry could actually become scared of approaching aircraft and attempt to find cover or even run away if morale is too low? I know Total War has morale statistics, but why not DCS as well!
  13. No one knows but Deka themselves. It's either gonna be Q-5, J-8II, or maybe even Su-30MKK if we're lucky. Not sure about JH-7 but all we can do is wait to see what they've come up with.
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