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  1. That's why we're bringing 4 of em, chucklefucks . And precisely to knock out the softer targets that can still threaten us outside or near 30mm range, yet would not want to waste an ATGM on.
  2. You beauty! Thanks for the link. This is exactly what I was looking for: the 60-2.
  3. Not pics, but in a Mi-24V manual it describes the pylons, including an APU-60-1 and APU-60-2. Not that I remember if it came before or after the 24P. Now to see if I can find that seedy mid-2000s Russian forum again. It's like the Mi-8 missing R-60s and ATGMs kettle of fish which was in a Mi-8MT manual, though again, no idea if the nuances between that variant and the MTV2 mean it wouldn't be able to, or the MTV5, MTV2RN.
  4. Looking forward to seeing the APU-60-2 pylons in the future on the inner pylons and the ground target tracking for IR missiles. A whole 12 missile goodness! Definitely see myself rocking the 4 R-60s on dual rack inners rather than rocket pods until their splash damage gets a bit of a buff.
  5. Will files from 2.7 onwards help now? Or is it going to continue needing a fresh download every minor patch?
  6. Personally I find it a major issue in the Huey because originally, I could pilot and use the turreted miniguns from the left seat at the same time, and use VR to use my head to aim the guns. Now, I can't switch into that seat, which means the front miniguns are effectively fixed. Can't say I was ever bothered about getting multicrew but this just pisses me off.
  7. For me, some people are saying the damage of the harpoon got buffed in 2.7 but with the luas locked I can't simply see if they upped the effective warhead size. Shame they haven't even modeled damage over time and % chance to make a ship catch fire to compensate with the mediocre ship damage model. If you have the time and have experience with harpoons pre-2.7, I would find it useful if you did a damage comparison with before and after, and see if popup is doing any more damage than skim, or if the popup makes it more or less vulnerable to CWIS/missile defence.
  8. Didn't know the difference. Regardless, I can tell you right now I must've been doing hard links as I always used /J. So...issue still stands. I just finished reinstalling it, got the popup message (again) saying the (original small capacity where DCS is) hard drive is full. Didn't click anything, copied the symlinked Syria files from _download to the Syria mklink terrain folder and boom, working. Would be nice to know why It didn't detect the already downloaded files sitting in _download from the previous time, or why it keeps thinking there isn't space, when there is (wondering if it's
  9. Currently trying the above un/reinstall method a go, but it's annoying it hasn't detected any of the files I downloaded previously, so it's downloading all 55Gb again...
  10. Only 2 mods - the A-4 and the high digit SAMs, neither of which should be causing issues as the servers that run them are populated. I have a sneaking suspicion it may have something to do with the way I installed Syria. Tl;dr: SSD very full. Had to Symbolic link the downloads and Syria folder on another drive. Now, Symlinking other terrains such as Normandy and Nevada has never been an issue (as you can see from it showing missions in the singleplayer for them), because I could download em on the same drive because of their small size, then move/symlink the terrains and it's all good. Sy
  11. I assume it has something to do with this? Scripting: plugin: SKIPPED 'Syria': not authorized dcs.log
  12. Ran the slow repair with the latest update and repair tool, still no Syria showing in MP or SP. Attached screenshots of errors but showing Syria installed and purchased. Odd because I managed to play Syria successfully in MP on several servers before 2.7.
  13. Will the repair simply repair vanilla files, or will it also delete any non-vanilla files (such as mods or user skins?).
  14. Says active and installed. And yes, I see 55Gb roughly in the syria folder in the terrain folder.
  15. I downloaded the latest update for 2.7, and even though I have Syria showing in my module manager and installed (was working in multiplayer in the previous patch), Syria is now "required" in red in multiplayer servers for me. No idea why. I took a look at the autoupdate.cfg and it isn't there. { "WARNING": "DO NOT EDIT this file. You may break your install!", "branch": "openbeta", "version": "", "timestamp": "20210422-092927", "arch": "x86_64", "lang": "EN", "modules": [ "WORLD", "FA-18C", "KA-50", "RAZBAM_AV8BNA", "RAZBAM_M-2000C"
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