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  1. Curious if this ended up being fixed in 2.7? I didn't spot anything in the changelog that matched this issue, but I haven't noticed the red/orange flashes in any of my channel/normandy flights/fights over the weekend.
  2. Awesome, thanks for the followup and fix! I'll give it another try after work today!
  3. Today was my first day trying the server but I two had no luck hovering above any troops in the woods. I'd circle around the smoke very slowly and never get any popup or any kinda of indication on where they were.
  4. Oh cool, that's great. I'll check that out, thanks!
  5. Just came to post up after I just finished the first mission too. A lot of fun! Here are some thoughts of mine: The good stuff: 1) I REALLY like the complete set of radio voiceovers. Not having to hear the clunky DCS ATC comms really increases the immersion factor 2) BIO's briefs are really well done. Clear, fluent, to the point, with just enough personal touches to make it feel real and engaging. 3) The checklists, procedures, and kneeboards are great, and very useful. 4) The BFM was done really well so far. I like that you can go guns on and a new lead wo
  6. No worries, thanks for the quick reply! I just played the Fly-In mission and the voiceovers and immersion are going to be incredible in this campaign! Super excited to see what's to come.
  7. Sorry for being dense, but I'm not finding them. What are they called? (Note, this is my Open Beta install even though it doesn't say so, since I originally migrated it a long time ago from Stable)
  8. So, at the moment, you don't have any logical buttons higher than 64 mapped (right hand pane in your above screenshot). The Logical buttons are what windows sees as output from the device. The physical buttons are internal to the joystick and are not output to windows. Are you saying that you've tried to map something to logical button 65 in the right part of your above screenshot and DCS didn't recognize it? I have logical buttons mapped up to logical button 68 and DCS seems them fine.
  9. The Avia H (hard center) will have more of a solid center detent feeling than the Avia S (soft center) which feels smoother through the middle but without as strong a feel when you're centered on each axis. I like the soft center cams myself.
  10. For what it's worth, since the F-18 adapters aren't available in the North America store, I bought a Warthog/F16 adapter and slightly modified it to fit. Just a little filing with a metal file and it fits fine, and the electrical connections also appear to work fine. Here's a pic of the slight filing needed to get it to fit. Also, I don't think the W cams are being shipped anymore. The North America distributor told me that they are long obsolete. I'm using mine on a 100mm extension with the pre-installed Avia-S soft center cams and a single 50lb sprin
  11. That's awesome. That's gonna be similar to my desk soon hopefully. As you know I have a CM3 already, and I ordered a Gunfighter MK III MCG Pro - S (100mm extension model) on Tuesday and it was picked up by FedEx yesterday. Can't wait to get it. I'm coming from a CH Fighterstick which is nice, though I'm looking forward to the metal gimbal with an extension for center mounting (rather than sidestick mounting). The angular deflection on the CH is also a bit uncomfortable for my hand during hard dogfights. Maybe when my Gunfighter arrives you can help me learn the VKB software
  12. I realize I left out the physical button to logical button step, which could cause a lot of confusion, so I've edited my post above and inserted some more screenshots to illustrate better.
  13. That's strange that you're having problems getting the LEDs to stay lit. I had problems getting the LEDs to turn off! in the LED page, are you setting the colors there for the first 6 LEDs on the top row on the left side? Those appear to control the lights on the CM3. The other squares on that page are just "extra". BTW, sorry you were potentially exposed to COVID. Hope you and your wife stay healthy!
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