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  1. Not sure if it's possible, but have you tried reverting back to the OB update before you had these issues and leave the latest steam and windows updates as is. It might help narrow down the problem?
  2. Hi, Have you tried using the stable version to see if the problem follows you?
  3. Hi, I'm trying to get an F16 to bomb an ammo dump but its not engaging. What am I missing. Here`s the .MIZ file and code. local HeliGroup = GROUP:FindByName( "F16C" ) local AmmoDump = STATIC:FindByName("AmmoDump") local AmmoCoord = AmmoDump:GetCoordinate() local AmmoPOS = AmmoCoord:GetVec2() function assignTask(Tasks) HeliGroup:TaskBombing(AmmoPOS,false,"ALL",1,90,15000) end timer.scheduleFunction(assignTask, {HeliGroup}, timer.getTime()) TaskAttackStatic.miz
  4. Hi Grimes, Thank you. Is there a lua file embedded in the .miz file. I like the smiley face.:)
  5. [code] local tasks = {[1] = {Bombing Task here}} local gp = Group.getByName('whatever') for i = 1, gp:getSize() do gp:getUnit(i):getController():pushTask(tasks) end [/code] Hi Grimes, Thank you for the above snippet. I've spent the last 2 months trying to figure out a way to assign a group's Ai wingmen seperate targets. I was told it wasn't possible. I have a question. local tasks = {[1] = {Bombing Task here}} , would i insert target1 where it says "Bombing Task here" ? And target1 is the below? target1 = UNIT:TaskBombing(Vec2, GroupAttack, WeaponExpend, AttackQty, Direction,
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