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  1. Here`s the track. The first 2 times I ask my wingman to Attack My target, I get no call back or response from my wingman. I then ask my Wingman to Attack my Enemy, I get a call of Attack My Target, and Wingman replies Affirm.(seems mixed up actually) I then ask my Wingman to attack Ground Target, call back of attack targets of opportunity, and wingman replies roger. wingman attacks and destroys 2 out 3 targets as I left the last call too late. attached is track file and mission file. AttackMyTarget.trk Taxi Test.miz
  2. I've had the same issue. I'll provide a track when I get home.
  3. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong. If it's a bug can you please tag it as investigating or not enough info. Please.Thank you.
  4. I think these systems are IR systems which won't give you any warning, unless your in a chopper.
  5. I`ve created a simple mission in the editor without any scripting. Here are the track files. DS is Dedicated Server and SP is Single Player DSMode.trk SPMode.trk
  6. The track file from the dedicated server is 12mb I cant load it as the limit is 5mb. Any ideas on how to upload it? DSLog.log
  7. Here`s the track and log for SP. SPMode.zip
  8. I am having the same issue, Ai wingman won't taxi or takeoff once I've taken off. I'm using liberation 2.5.1. It only happens when I use the dedicated server. I have the server installed on my laptop and I fly on my main desktop computer. I even set liberation to runway starts but I spawn on the ramp. I will post a track when I get home from work.
  9. Hi guys, Where's the best place to find example code or missions for MIST.Thx
  10. Hawkeye, Maybe they added a weight restriction to certain bridges? Have you tried moving trucks or APC's across the bridge in the picture. You could see if the armor will cross bigger bridges?
  11. Not sure if it's possible, but have you tried reverting back to the OB update before you had these issues and leave the latest steam and windows updates as is. It might help narrow down the problem?
  12. Hi, Have you tried using the stable version to see if the problem follows you?
  13. Hi, I'm trying to get an F16 to bomb an ammo dump but its not engaging. What am I missing. Here`s the .MIZ file and code. local HeliGroup = GROUP:FindByName( "F16C" ) local AmmoDump = STATIC:FindByName("AmmoDump") local AmmoCoord = AmmoDump:GetCoordinate() local AmmoPOS = AmmoCoord:GetVec2() function assignTask(Tasks) HeliGroup:TaskBombing(AmmoPOS,false,"ALL",1,90,15000) end timer.scheduleFunction(assignTask, {HeliGroup}, timer.getTime()) TaskAttackStatic.miz
  14. Hi Grimes, Thank you. Is there a lua file embedded in the .miz file. I like the smiley face.:)
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