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  1. Hi, I'm trying to get an F16 to bomb an ammo dump but its not engaging. What am I missing. Here`s the .MIZ file and code. local HeliGroup = GROUP:FindByName( "F16C" ) local AmmoDump = STATIC:FindByName("AmmoDump") local AmmoCoord = AmmoDump:GetCoordinate() local AmmoPOS = AmmoCoord:GetVec2() function assignTask(Tasks) HeliGroup:TaskBombing(AmmoPOS,false,"ALL",1,90,15000) end timer.scheduleFunction(assignTask, {HeliGroup}, timer.getTime()) TaskAttackStatic.miz
  2. Hi Grimes, Thank you. Is there a lua file embedded in the .miz file. I like the smiley face.:)
  3. [code] local tasks = {[1] = {Bombing Task here}} local gp = Group.getByName('whatever') for i = 1, gp:getSize() do gp:getUnit(i):getController():pushTask(tasks) end [/code] Hi Grimes, Thank you for the above snippet. I've spent the last 2 months trying to figure out a way to assign a group's Ai wingmen seperate targets. I was told it wasn't possible. I have a question. local tasks = {[1] = {Bombing Task here}} , would i insert target1 where it says "Bombing Task here" ? And target1 is the below? target1 = UNIT:TaskBombing(Vec2, GroupAttack, WeaponExpend, AttackQty, Direction,
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