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  1. So now it is safe to say that this is a bug and not wrong operation, since several pilots encountered the exact same described problem?
  2. Tried both variants with EFUZ OFF setting in TOO, still not working. I also noticed that the missile always has a slight off heading early on already. C version does a weird random bank close to the target, A not, but both disappear in the ground without even exploding.
  3. Not yet, but once I have the time I'll create one! Hopefully this is not too complicated and will help solve my issue
  4. Yes I set the location height in feet accordingly and waypoint coordinates show up correctly on the HSI DATA page
  5. Hi everyone, I have yet to learn if this is a bug or just an operating error: Whenever I drop a JSOW (both flavors) it either: Drops clusters (A) / explodes © 1-2 km off the target, drops to the ground without doing anything, or simple disappears close above the target. In every case it's way off my target. I also noticed that the missile starts a sudden random bank whenever close to the target area. The target is not moving and there is no AA nearby. I more than triple checked the entire procedure and made sure everything is correctly set, I use TOO mode, use a waypoint I set up as precise
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