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  1. This question was asked last year with some speculation that it should have MIDS voice but never got an answer from ED.
  2. caring that much about what missiles people put on the wingtips of virtual fighter jets in a video game is the real cringe here
  3. Starting to wonder if the people who think the F-18 has more range and endurance are just full senders or cringe fanboys.
  4. It's actually a block 25/30 thing.
  5. You're right but they wouldn't even be flying against near-peer since the A-10 hasn't been suitable against near-peer since the end of the cold war.
  6. I really hope ED adds a TADS page for the pilot and allows the pilot to slew the TADS, fire laser, etc. No matter how advanced the AI is, there's going to be times when I'm looking at a target and the AI can't see it. And then there will be times where the AI will be all knowing and see everything long before an actual human would. This simply are limitations of current simulator AI tech.
  7. +1 for when in 10-15 years ED decides to release the F-16 Viper II.
  8. Tacview is not an accurate way to display AOA because it's interpolated from positional coordinates.
  9. It's a widely reproducible bug affecting anything SPI related and ED have acknowledged it. Congrats on reading a early access manual. Maybe read the title while you're at it.
  10. SPI is still broken though.... making CCRP and EO PRE nearly useless
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