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  1. IT suposed to go in your User/(xxx)/Saved Games/DCS.openbeta/mods/aircraft
  2. Men your my hero you figured it out i was trying to fix it you should be in NASA hehehehehehe thanks a lot.
  3. I recommend the use of a MOD enabler I personally use JSGME you can use it to install this MOD and deactivated when no longer needed or if the MOD was updated this way you can avoid corrupting you main DCS install.
  4. The only one of the mirage that I found that was working was the A/A Version sadly the Ground version doesn't let DCS load it just stops right after login in.
  5. Yes I know I was simply pointing if you look in the middle there is a note that states that those have a nice 3D model but I wished they had their own cockpit.
  6. Community JAS-39 Project is WIP and another of my favorites the Classic by Cuban Ace There are more out there that have a nice 3D model but uses FC-3 Cockpits but I wish they had there own like: and some more but I can't find them right now.
  7. Good day did you change some values in the Missile_data.lua to make the KH-35 and KH-59M to be able to fire them at targets.
  8. MEBF109

    A-29 Super Tucano

    I don't know but I'm kind of nervous about this new PROP Tech that just came out all of a sudden that it might do something negative to this MOD I hope not.
  9. Actually no one will know until the 2.7 is released to see what effects has on all the mods created by the community remember mods created by the community is trial and error and try to make it work again.
  10. Good day your right and is sad that its most likely due to the Covid 19 Close down people have had so much free time in their hands that their creativity kicks inn just to have something to do is not everybody but is quite a number of people take care and stay safe.
  11. Good day Sir if your so kind can you please read the first post on this thread specifically Frequently Asked Questions section there you will find the answers you are looking for take care and stay safe.
  12. MEBF109

    A-29 Super Tucano

    Sir with all due respect I borrowed this one for my PC Background hahahaha is to SEXY thanks take care.
  13. OOOOOHHH I see I think it comes with a flyable CH-47 Chinook that's why is so expensive. https://fb.watch/4GNQapzA_W/
  14. Oh great to hear thanks take care and good luck.
  15. UUUUFFFF I would love to see this Cockpit integrated to the F-104 Aircraft it would look so SEXY I can get the 3D model if you integrate it to the aircraft for every body to use.
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