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  1. Putting it simply, you don't use the HMCS for a 120. The HMCS works with aim 9Xs and is used for targets already within visual range in ACM radar mode.
  2. I explained bore for the 120 above. They work differently and use different radar modes. Because you're trying to lock a bandit from much farther away you use the FCR to lock up bandits. There's no bore sight mode on the HUD because your bandit could be tens of miles away. The bore mode for the 120 simply launches the missile without radar help from the F16. It's pitbull as soon as you launch it. Don't get radar modes confused. Learn the difference between CRM and ACM radar modes. Watch a video about fox 2 dogfighting and compare and contrast the two.
  3. AIM 120's are a beyond visual range missile. You really don't want the bandit within, say, 7ish miles. You need to learn how to use the LAR to determine the max range, as the conditions you're in when you fire it changes the max range. That said, you can fire them at 50+ miles, if you're high and fast, and get kills occasionally. Firing early is a good way to get a bandit on the defensive. Bore mode is basically, you're not getting a lock on your opponent and you're just going to throw caution to the wind, launch it and hope it can find a target and not a friendly, because it can't distinguish
  4. I think we'll all turn into Top Gun level sim pilots as it gets updated and easier to fly. Turn and burn.
  5. I'll try this again. lol. Unless something has changed, which I wouldn't doubt, you can only ripple 2 mavericks and only if they're singles on their own rack, as of now. I've stopped using them because of all the issues, so hopefully this is correct still.
  6. I'm pretty sure if you're boresighted properly you wouldn't need to slew the mav wpn page to the target. It should at least get you in the area code. Besides, when you have the target locked on both the TGP and WPN, you might as well hit the BSGT to make sure. Maybe initially just put the TGP into point track mode and let it handoff to WPN. The WPN should slew to the target automatically. Don't touch the slew of the WPN page until after the handoff is completed, if needed at all.
  7. Agreed, but not many aircraft can wipe out half an airfield by rippling 2 pairs of CBU97's, then climb to 40K feet and BVR an SU33 from 50 miles out. Just sayin'. lol
  8. My bad if the process was fixed. Last time I tried to boresight them on the ground I could only get one side to align. Still had to manually slew on the right side. Still, I'm talking to the point of when these things simply aren't working the way they're supposed to. I'm pretty sure the Air Force isn't putting 16's out with software bugs that pilots have to find work-arounds for. That's all I'm saying.
  9. Silly. Somehow a buggy incomplete process is "realistic".
  10. IMO, it takes a certain level of experience to even recognize and work around these issues. Expecting a newb to come in and understand what he/she is looking at and then take the actions necessary to rectify it is asking a lot. The F16 already has too few weapons and these issues keep me from loading mavericks unless there's no other choice (they must be a time nightmare on multi-player missions). I feel like it's much more important for someone to learn the basics just to get up and down reliably and safely, than sitting on a runway trying to boresight buggy mavericks. I enjoy the realistic a
  11. I have poor success boresighting them. Won't work on the ground and doing it in flight is more of a pia than it needs to be. I've wasted a lot of time trying to do it on the ground in PRE mode per the GRs video, then threw a changeup and said to do it in-flight in VIS mode. I see no problem making an option to make them automatic. They're buggy and they waste time.
  12. I can't boresight them half the time when I'm on the ground. I usually use a random stationary truck on an airfield but sometimes the WPN page for the mavs won't lock it up. I've stopped using them because I wasting 20 minutes trying to boresight them, then have to use the mav wpn page anyway to slew to the target. I must be doing something wrong, but I wouldn't classify myself as a rookie and I've watched a couple videos. I dunno.
  13. have you calibrated the trackir?
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