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  1. The Mirage became my favorite module for Air to Air fighting in DCS so did a video of why I am digging it and thoughts of how it can be used on Growling. The first 90 seconds has a cinematic intro. I went for a car commercial like edit for the intro.
  2. That's an interesting take on that, thanks for sharing and for your work on the server.
  3. I am relatively new to this server so take my comment with a grain of salt. I am guessing based on your comment and my limited play time, the low level clouds (almost fog) was added to give people an incentive to fly above the deck? If that is the case, then I am not a huge fan of that. I mean, I don't want people flying on the deck but making it hard to see things in general is very frustrating. I wonder if adding more flak and SPAAA on the deck would help. That way, if you are trying to fly stealthy then you are going to not necessarily get lit up and die but a stream of tracers
  4. Any thoughts of adding a scenario where it would focus on objectives not on the deck? Maybe have a mission where B-52 formations fly over the map and have to be escorted to drop their payload. REDFOR defends. This would allow for the Mig-21 radar to be useful and to be used as they intercept and the F-5s can protect the B-52s in the best way they see fit. B-52s formations could come every 30 minutes so this gives people a chance to join a current flight or to hold back and get alt to escort the up-coming waves. Would be a change of pace from the deck fighting.
  5. Are tacviews available to be downloaded from this server?
  6. Is there a discord server for this server?
  7. Looks good. Any news on Mirage 2000-5?
  8. I am eagerly awaiting the dynamic campaign engine. I think it will be the most interesting addition on DCS in several years (or maybe even ever?). With that said, there are major gaps in coverage in playable aircraft which puts a very big burden on mission editors to try to make online balanced. As you can probably tell by the most popular servers in multiplayer, they end up moving AIM-120C capable planes per side which breaks down into a pretty arcade-y scenario between the plane sets. The gaps in the plane sets are one of the largest problems for the viability of this game in mul
  9. There was a discussion on the ED/DCS discord that I wanted to bring over to the forums. So as I understand it Eagle Dynamics is trying to make MAC which will try to siphon players who are ready to graduate from War Thunder. The idea is that MAC will be training wheels/kids table for people before they transition over to DCS. The focus on MAC will be multiplayer and have several different multiplayer modes. The text that was being passed around MAC on Discord was the following: "Some updates from Chizh regarding MAC. MAC will feature 4 new non-clickable aircraft: F-86, M
  10. If you ever want to use SD-10s on the flanker the Red Storm Rising Dynamic Syria Campaign PVP Server has it coded onto all flankers including the J-11 for REDFOR. This evens up the Red vs Blue BVR fights.
  11. Server was just relaunched on 10/24 after many weeks of testing and tweaking. We are ready for players so come on over!
  12. Server Details Server Name: Syrian Dynamic War - Red Storm Rising | RSR | Live Webmap: [http://redstormrising.ddns.net:8080/] (http://redstormrising.ddns.net:8080/) Wikipedia: https://dev.azure.com/RedStormRising...SR)-DCS-Server! Website: https://www.redstormrising.net/ Server restarts every six hours (00h00 EST/06:00 EST/12:00 EST/18:00 EST). The objective for this server is to facilitate a fun, competitive PVP environment that is based around a dynamic PVP campaign. No longer will your kills and deaths be meaningless, it all equates to some sort of impact on the overall war effort.
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