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  1. I opened a support ticket aswell, they suggested to remove all the non official mods and then rename the mods folder in /saved games/dcsopenbeta/ to ''temp''. literally didnt change a single thing
  2. English/Dutch Squadron looking for members to join in on F-16 fun. Its a newly created squadron within the Joint Operations Wing, we will operate alongside various other squadrons using the A-10C, F/A-18C, AV-8B, F-14 and other airframes. No requirements other than having the F-16C module and run the DCS OpenBeta. No command structure and such nonsense, learner friendly environment! We have up to 4 DCS Servers running various maps and missions, training servers with Tankers, Carriers, Spawnable Hostile AI ranging from Fighters to SAM sites. In order to apply to join you can contact me on the
  3. Hi guys, When using the TGP to lase for GBU's i experience this weird thing where the HUD isnt showing the same target location as the TGP(it isnt showing a target location at all) the box with the dot in it remains in the center of the HUD as if the TGP is in BORE mode. However my TGP does lase correctly and the GBU's do hit the target. But the HUD wont show a time till drop, or the correct location, and the line that normally indicates your allignment with target is either on the outer left or right of the HUD I was in CCRP mode AG mastermode selected correct steerpoint selected
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