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  1. Hey, it seems that another HB aircraft will also feature multicrew... F-111 maybe?
  2. ...will have their controls out of sync with the guy who was in control, and need to go through a lot of steps to do something that needs to be instant and, worse: which needs to be controllable by both parties at times. The problem here is that it can't just be one person at all times, at least not if it's done right. In your face! It turns out Huey looks exactly like I imagined.
  3. I guess new modules generate revenue, and weather system doesnt.
  4. And thats why I only drive F14 and F18, and perhaps harrier in the future. F18 can do everything except STOVL, Tomcat does less but has multicrew and has no FBW so theres a big difference here. Harrier does stovl so I can do missions from farps. I will buy A6 or A7 only if they implement buddy-refueling capability, and EF2000 with IRST. So yeah - zero interest for F15C from me.
  5. These polls are useless. Most people will always click yes for a new aircraft.
  6. Following this logic the mystery aircraft may not exist at all, because there was no official announcement LOL.
  7. Hmm didnt they say in one of the interviews that some work regarding full fidelity Mig29 is already being planned?
  8. For me brain melting means something that is widely thought to be impossible to implement - like Rafale due to Dassault stance on IP, or F117 due to lack of info regarding its RCS.
  9. There can always be 2 options, one initiated by the current pilot- slow one that allows controls to be synced manually, and fast one, where co pilot just takes controls in whatever state they are in during emergency. Still nothing brain melting.
  10. It can be any multicrew plane because apparently the multicrew alone makes it brain melting. If thats the case, I will be very disapointed.
  11. But its not a very difficult problem. Whoever says "My plane" via the radio menu, controls stick, throttle rudder etc. In the ctrl+enter window you can have position of both sticks so 2nd seat can adjust his controls before taking control to avoid sudden jerk caused by different stick positions.
  12. Do we actually have any confirmation that this is because of Iran? I would think that its because the IRST used on D is somewhat similar to those used in the super hornet.
  13. This would be my understanding as well especially since I saw this bit in the docs:
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