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  1. help us help you. what is it doing? what is it not doing? things i see, without having this device or anything to actually try this. you're calling the same `showNumberDec` in 3 places, once when the 1 changes, once when the 10's place changes, and to the *pointer* value of the letter change? and all 3 of them are setting the full contents of the display? from a quick scan of GitHub - jasonacox/TM1637TinyDisplay: Arduino library to display numbers and text on a 4-digit 7-segment TM1637 display module. i'm presuming you want something lik
  2. Slaw, all of your devices look just amazing. the thrustmaster or whatever rudders i have are "good enough" to get by, but i'm working on hording up some cash to be able to get some nice ones, and all of yours look like beautiful devices to own. can't wait to see more info. by then i'll maybe be able to afford one
  3. But wait, there's more! The next thing i wanted to do was replace the fire pull stickers on my panel with indicator lights for gun ready, steering, canopy, etc. those 4 lights would handle the left, right fire handle spots, so i had to think of something to put in the middle where the apu sticker is. i decided on making a single missile launch light in a similar style to the other indicators. Then i decided to make something like the NMSP to fill in the blank space below the MFD's. i found some green backlit pushbutton switches that seemed like they'd work. as part o
  4. roger, wilco. thanks for the info, guess i missed that one before!
  5. Mine started doing the same. one of the motors, on the right side, second one down, squeaks. sometimes it just is a few squeak squeak squeaks, and it goes away. other times it is fine, but then suddenly it is just squeaaaaaaaaaaaaaals constantly and i have to unplug the seat. nothing looks physically wrong with the motor, but i haven't tried popping open the plastic holder or anything yet.
  6. got my jetseat today, WAY quicker than i expected it (especially when the tracking said it was released from Russia on the 19th and arrived at JFK yesterday!) hooked it up and WOW. even at default settings of 50 in sim shaker i could probably shake a tooth loose! i'd hate to see what happens if i set it to 100! still dialing things in but the game feels totally different with a rumble underneath you. and OMG THE BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT!
  7. updates for the new year! its taken a bunch of my vacation time, but i now also have a fuel panel set up with the throttle. got a custom made fuel panel from pcflights.com that also includes the 4 SAS switches at the bottom of the panel. made a wood frame for it out of leftover stuff i had, and some plexi sides and back, and backlighting for the panel from leftovers before. the dial for the fuel lights is actually hooked up to an LED dimmer control that controls the lights inside the panel itself. so the dial "works" in that it does *something* it just doesn't do what it is int
  8. oooh, magnets. that's a good idea! i could glue a little magnet on one side and probably just a screw into the other side. and it wouldn't be a lot of weight for no reason. it is pretty much the exact right size, and is light enough to double stick tape to the throttle: Untitled by John Gardner, on Flickr some more progress today, my wife had out hobby paints for something else, so i tried adding some details. i can't paint the white text small enough, so i ordered some white on black labelmaker tape for that. Untitled by John Gardner, on Flickr
  9. today i started making a little ejection handle thing to mount on the throttle. i'm not sure *how* i'm going to do that but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. i started with Flim's plans for the ACES II seat, and resized the sizes down 75%. used a bunch of leftover 1/2" and 1/4" plywood scraps i have from other projects: Untitled by John Gardner, on Flickr painted up and mostly assembled: Untitled by John Gardner, on Flickr i started trying to figure out what switches that i have that i can use for this (i really want to just hook up a switch to the ejection arming lever t
  10. the above says what email to send the payment to but not via what service/etc, i'm presuming paypal? if not let me know, getting ready to send you some cash :)
  11. Huh, i just started running into this too. i noticed it in the a10c advanced flight qualifications for air to air refueling, which are pretty long missions. all my switches work for startup, but then you don't really use many/any of them until shutdown like an hour later. and i noticed that flipping the switches didn't actually do anything. i tried going to pause, and flipping all the switches of/back on, but even that didn't seem to be right. odd. i'll check usb power settings when i play tomorrow?
  12. oh i know. i've built other woodworking projects and projects and this is one that i enjoyed being out building stuff, and now using it. as i get more and more into dcs and the a10 i'm realizing how useful some of the things would be to have. i think a CDU is above my skill level given the circuit boards and things i see people making in othe threads, but i'm REALLY tempted to do that one too! i'd love to have space to do a more full center console and instruments, but that won't happen until kids here start going to college... and then i won't have the money to build that :D
  13. What did I end up with? Functional MFD's, with screens behind them UFC Landing gear panel with functional flaps gauge, gear and transit lights, with 2 mostly unused buttons repurposed to lamps test and takeoff trim Armament/hud panel with all but 2 switches functional Mini fire handles with lights, fire extinguisher, jettison, canopy buttons Power + partial fuel panel, no gauges Adjustable backlighting I can do a LOT of the A10 startup on the panel and throttle. Things missing: CDU/EGI switches, countermeasures panel, pitot heat, SAS switches, radios If I were to start over,
  14. In action pic trying to AAR: Trying to AAR with the A10 by John Gardner, on Flickr What's next? since i have the fire switches elsewhere, the fake pull handles are taking up space. I'm thinking to remove those and make backlit sections for gun ready/nosewheel steering/canopy unlocked/etc in that spot as well. Underneath the mfds, im thinking about doing pushbuttons+lights for the nmsp panel to have egi/tacan/ils buttons/etc. Not really shown in any of the pics is how i have the hotas now in monstertech knockoff mounts. i'm also thinking about making a fuel panel but also adding the S
  15. i wasn't sure what i wanted to put on the right side, but my first guess was the hydraulic + fuel gauge panel. My brother in law has a vinyl shop, so i had him print some stickers for me to try on that side and to fill in some of the blank spaces (again, by stealing more things that RK has posted: More panel stuff by John Gardner, on Flickr i cut out various parts for the glare shield and fire pull handles and put them on too, and it really adds a little realism. More panel stuff by John Gardner, on Flickr But the fuel gauge takes up a LOT of space for how much i'd use it. so i dec
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