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  1. True, although as I hadn't set the VR reset command the program froze and I had to kill it and restart. And then the Oculus driver crashed windows.... So after a reboot and sitting through the endless checking for updates and load screens the third time was the charm. And it does work pretty well once you have it up and running although I still need to tweak it to get the image a bit sharper. But you really can't beat VR for the sensation of being in the plane. Love it in the Hind as well.
  2. Hi DD, Maybe this is helpful? https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3305475/
  3. Trying to assign controls in FS2020 made me appreciate how well executed this is in DCS. And let's not speak of the way dat Microsoft handles VR (is it really necessary to just lock up the game because I haven't assigned VR reset...) That's all.
  4. I had the same issue with button 15 - it stuck and had to be manually centered. Stick bought end of the first week of January (not from Amazon). It went back to the retailer today under warranty.
  5. Thanks all for your responses. If I understand you correctly, the pid/vid change only ensures that target sees the stick as a warthog, not DCS (eg no auto assignment of buttons). If I'm misunderstanding, that means that although the Virpil software shows the change, it's not registering correctly for DCS. In which case it may be quicker/less painful to either plug in the thrustmaster base again and export all controls, or just reassign them, then trying to figure out how this is supposed to work.
  6. I'm using it and find it works quite well. You need to keep your phone on a charger or it will run out quickly (or at least that's my experience with my pixel 2). When I don't have it running I miss it. I did find it helpful to bind f1 to center view in opentrack, and to change the curves to make it easier to look behind to low left/right as that makes hitting the switches located there easier. Also tweaking the vertical curve helps. It's only 10€/$ or so, so I'd suggest trying it as it is hopefully no big loss if it doesn't work well.
  7. My 3080 just arrived. I run a 4096x2160@60hz main screen + a 1920x1080 secondary screen with two MFDs. R5 3600 and 32gb RAM. Game runs from an nvme drive (660p) I've only had time to do some free flying with the A4 over Dubai and the F-16 free flight over Syria with the settings generally maxed out. Haven't run any benchmarks or anything but ... Well I'm comparing it to the rx480 I had previously but its just wow. Happy to test some scenarios or run some benchmarks if you have anything specific in mind (within reason of course!). I've got the f-14/16/18, viggen, m2000
  8. Thanks, I'll plug in my TM base and save the profiles. Maybe downgrading to a previous version of the Virgil software and firmware will work? I've not used Target, for me it's about the auto-assignment and automatic long/short presses that dcs picks up from the warthog.
  9. Hope some can help me with the following: ​ I recently swapped my Warthog base for a Warbrd My understanding is that you can configure the Warbrd base + Warthog grip so that DCS thinks its a Warthog (and auto assigns buttons / keeps your previous assignment). I've changed the PID/VID and clicked Save VPC Device, but DCS still thinks it is a different stick (also thinks it has a Z-axis). I'm using the latest version of the configuration tool. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  10. Googling on my phone I came across an app that was able to generate (printable) HOTAS diagrams from your saved controller settings but I can't seem to find it anymore... anyone an idea? In the thread there were various posts by the app developer adding diagrams for various hotas setups (Saitek, VPC, etc). Hope someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks!
  11. A whole 30 of them! J/k, we don't have a lot more than you do (and no F/A-18s either)
  12. Thanks. Rushed it a bit and would change the design if had to redo it, but pretty happy for now. Next up: cable management!
  13. So do you like the DCS version? I'm looking for something in addition to the F14. I used to play a lot of both Falcon IV and Jane's F/A-18 but the F/A-18 just doesn't have the appeal as the F-16. But the early access state of the F-16 vs its price tag is a bit of a concern.
  14. Thanks guys - bit the bullet and ordered two (short) mounts (before I saw hornblower's comment I must add). I'll probably go for a short extension at some point but let's see how this works out. Thanks again to all for your input.
  15. yes, that's what pushes me towards the MT camp - I haven't seen something similar at VIRPIL
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