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  1. External spot lights are also missing some binds.
  2. Thanks, Normally 1.4 I turned down to 1.2 no difference. The up lights seem to be a shade of yellow and the down lights seem to be a very light green.
  3. Hi Guys, landing gear lights. Playing in VR. When the gear is up I can clearly see the lights telling me so. When Down the lights are very hard to see unless the cockpit is in full shadow or dark. In normal daylight the lights do not show up at all for me. Can we up the brightness of these or can the light color be changed to the same temperature as when they are up ?? making it clear that gear is down and functional. Thanks.
  4. Great work guys the Hind is epic, having loads of fun Noticed a visual bug. Playing in VR. Happens every time I load the bird, not just a one off. When the pilots door is open, part of the wire above the hydraulic ram stays floating in the cockpit. When closed the wire re-connects. I have attached screen grabs to show. Thanks Guys.
  5. Ok so I updated to 2.7 stable earlier and had a play, while no means exhaustive thought I would share instead of only bitching lol I stuck to instant action action missions and picked some that had denser cloud formations. The clouds do take a little more horsepower to run so I lowered my PD from 1.5 to 1.4 (Rift S), this didn't seem to make any visual difference in the cockpit so a few extra frames got back for free I guess. I messed with various settings graphic settings, kept them and then only changed cloud quality in each mission. Planes us
  6. Hey Bignewy, I understand there is a timeline , but I am a little disappointed that there are still issues with VR cloud rendering in the latest Beta and 2.7 has gone stable. I can't speak for anyone else but I use stable to avoid these sorts of things. Are the clouds fixed for stable or am I gonna see exactly the same thing as Beta if I update stable ?? I would like to use the hind in stable but unless I update that isn't going to happen. I started a topic about it, your feedback would be welcome. 2.7 Stable VR Clouds, what's going on ? - VR Bugs - ED
  7. No it is not the same picture, the only way you can see what the head set is actually displaying is by looking through a headset. I am happy with the res and FPS my HMD outputs.
  8. That's great news , so were you running open beta before or is this the first time you have seen the clouds in VR ? What hardware are you using ?? In the latest open Beta I am not seeing good cloud rendering, i.e like others have stated a lot of shimmer/haze so I am reluctant to update my stable version as I am under the impression that the latest open Beta and the new stable launch are the same ?? I posted a topic asking such, which can be found here for those interested. 2.7 Stable VR Clouds, what's going on ? - VR Bugs - ED Forums (eagle.ru)
  9. It is a bit of a tricky one as like you say it can get a bit subjective. I was trying the instant action missions and it all depends on the type of cloud formations to how bad or good they can look. Hornet, instant action , free flight , Syria. To me it all looks bad. Massive shimmer and heat haze on the horizon and at distant clouds which causes me pretty bad eye strain. Viper, instant action, landing, Caucasus. It looks ok To me anything with dense clouds or clouds around mountains etc.. look pretty bad i.e shimmer and what I would describe as heat haze.
  10. Ok I am gonna take a wild stab in the dark as to why this has happened. The Hind is for 2.7 and above and is about to drop soon (I have pre-ordered) The dev team haven't managed to get clouds sorted in VR but have had to push the stable 2.7 release to launch the Hind. If this is the case I understand the team is stretched thin but I honestly hope VR cloud optimisation is a priority and this aint dragged out.
  11. If the clouds are a work in progress then it should stay in Beta IMHO, that is what the beta is for. Yes the game will always be a work in progress but the big stuff shoud be done in the beta. The odd bug here and there making it to stable is no big deal with how much is going on in DCS. We also have to be realistic. Come on if the they were shimmering or performing in 2D like they are in VR then I highly doubt they would even be in the Beta let alone be going to Stable as all that footage of the content creators pushed out in release would have looked bad. The saving grace for DCS
  12. To me I was under the impression this would not be pushed to stable until they were rendered correctly. Currently they are not for VR. IMHO this should not have even been a consideration to go stable until VR was fully sorted. I am lucky I suffer no adverse effects in VR, no motion sickness or eye strain, under normal circumstances I can game all day in VR. With the 2.7 clouds after only a short while I have a head ache and eye strain as I am trying to focus on something that is basically out of focus (distance clouds and horizon seems to have a heat haze) So for me at least whil
  13. If that is the case, pretty disappointing then that ED would push this to stable then considering this has a massive negative visual impact to the game in VR.
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