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  1. LOL. I don't really have problems with people who do video's like that, and people who have the time to sit down and enjoy them. Obviously there's been a lot of work and thought put in to make ~3hrs worth of content, and the world is a very diverse with people in all different points in their lives and those video's no doubt serve many people well. Just that there are others of us who don't have ~3hrs to justify on a single persons review, and I was kinda hoping that someone who did have the time to sit down could have bullet pointed out what they got out from it so me and those like me could still get the basic overview - instead of nothing. That being said, if not - I'm sure there will be other shorter reviews out soon, and I'll be able to glean 4 or 5 different people's opinion in less than an hours view-time. I certainly wasn't attacking the OP's video's - just looking for a summary on what they contain and a summary of the findings, that was all.
  2. Yeah - I was kinda hoping after so many years that there was something newer/improved than the X56. I get that the Thrustmaster is better quality from what I've read - but with less controls on it. I guess Logitech have no need/desire to create a new model if no one else has brought something out with more controls on it - if their older X56 is still at the 'top' of HOTAS (from that particular perspective).
  3. Wow - nearly 200 minutes of video just in those 3 video's. That's a lot of info there. Is there a simple summary of the findings for those of us that don't have that time to spare watching hours of you tube clips please? :)
  4. Hi AeroGator, Just letting you know that I got an email back this morning for the email I sent in October to the EU store. The email says: . . . I am sorry for the late response. Unfortunately we do not sell to Australia anymore. Please, contact the HQ via sales@vkb-sim.pro . . . Just FYI - buying through Europe is also not an option for us Aussies. I also received an email from Daisy overnight (it appears as though she sent one earlier but never arrived). She's advised me to buy now through AliExpress and pay using paypal too - the same as Joe. I've finally been able to make payment through ali-express (after a false start and errors on ali-express earlier today) and have emailed Daisy the order number. Thanks for your support AeroGator - it's been greatly appreciated.
  5. Just wondering what HOTAS has the most controls on it. From what I can tell, the X56 seems to be the one with the most features, but was just wondering if I've missed something / if there's a product out there with more controls at our fingertips so to speak? (Looking specifically for HOTAS for use with VR, and not a sim-pit setup).
  6. Thanks Joe. So basically no outstanding reply for you then - just me. As mentioned, I'm happy to try A.E. again - I just want confirmation first, and to know that if I hit trouble I'm going to be able to get to communicate with someone before Ali Express automatically cancels the order again. It's just not looking promising though at this stage... :(
  7. Hey - I'd even love to be able to give hand signals while on the deck to another player that's just spawned in. I think it's a great idea - provided it's not too much effort for the dev's.
  8. Haven't been interested in WW2 stuff on DCS - but after watching that video - has me really thinking about giving it a go! Very impressive.
  9. Hey Joe. Can you please let me know the last you've heard from VKBSim via email? The last correspondence I've had was November the 2nd. I've sent two emails since with no reply. (I don't want to keep sending through emails spamming up their inbox if it's just a matter of being backlogged, but I'd like to know if you've been getting communication since so I know if my emails have been missed and I should send through another).
  10. Great to hear you're working on a dealership in Aus. :) Just FYI - I started dealing with sales directly, which I was told to use a payment method of 'other' on AliExpress that's not available to us. I replied I believe last Monday saying such but have not received a response. (I sent a follow up email on Wednesday with still no response). Are you saying we should just go ahead with AliExpress regardless and try again? (I just looking for some sort of confirmation to know that I won't have repeat of last time or other mistake causing cancellations because - I lose money even with the refund). I was happy to give this another try until the email correspondence stopped again. Not trying to bust anyone's balls (especially kangaroo's - that's putting your life in your hands if you try that ;) ) - but just looking for some clear direction on how to proceed since email correspondence seems to have broken down.
  11. Thanks for the update Joe. My concern is that I've sent two emails. It's Friday today. I sent one on Monday and a follow-up on Wednesday and have not received a response from either. Do I take the risk and try and order via Ali Express again without being able to get communication response if something goes wrong or it's not processed again, or do I wait to see what happens? I've got no idea if their office is in the USA / affected by the riot's, or if there are other pressures they're under at the moment. Either way - I've been given instructions on what to do (which I can't follow), and I can't get any further instructions at the moment - so it's probably not best for me to go ahead with the order. I just tried again on Ali-express. No additional payment options such as 'Other options' - however the price has increased more than $16USD from when I last checked when taking into account freight again now. :(
  12. Just another update. I was advised a couple of days ago to process through AliExpress and choose "other payment" as an option. However the screenshot with instructions given showed numerous payment options available, but those same payment options for Australian customers were not available. Only Paypal and C/Card were available as options to me, and "other options" were not. I'm not sure if this is an AliExpress issue, or whether it's their "Online Shop" options for Australian buyers at this time. I've requested clarification on how to proceed but have not heard back in the last 48hrs yet. (Another email sent just now to follow up). I suspect that I may be dealing with someone in the USA and the election may be delaying them from responding? Hopefully through all this we'll manage to pave a clear pathway for you and other Austrlaian's moving forward to have a simple arrangement for ordering.
  13. Just an update. I've heard back from them on Friday. Options are to order direct and pay via Western Union, or to order through Ali Express again. I'm leaning towards Ali Express now that I have contact via email so I know if something goes wrong I don't need to rely on Ali Express messaging but can talk directly if needed. The problem as I understand it is that shipping requires extra charge for Australia being remote in addition to what's already charged and Ali Express doesn't do this automatically. I was told to place the order but not pay and wait for a updated total amount but I couldn't find a way of placing the order without paying. I've shot email back again just now and am awaiting a reply. My suggestion for Aussie buyers is not to proceed with any orders without first getting in contact and having direct email correspondence first. I'll keep you all posted on how I get on.
  14. Sorry about that. I've got the Aorus B460 pro motherboard with a 10700K
  15. Thanks for the tip. I can't find any settings in BIOS that specifically mention power duration or power plans but there seem to be some individual settings. I've been trying to find more information about optimizing these settings in the BIOS but my google fu must be poor. I keep getting information about clock rates, etc but not much on the power settings, and what I can find tells me to do things but not why. I've made a few changes after doing some searches and best guess as to what these functions are and will see if this helps. I've changed the following in BIOS: DISABLED BCLK Adaptive Voltage ( It was on Auto) (I'm guessing that this allows voltage to be lowered when in Auto to save power - I've disabled it with the hope that it will keep a constant voltage) Disabled Voltage Optimization GPU Graphics Voltage VAXG left on Auto No idea what this does but looking at some websites it seems people leave this on auto. DISABLED Energy Efficient Turbo (It was on Auto) I'm guessing when enabled it only turbo's up to a certain level to be energy efficient DISABLED Voltage Optimization (It Was Auto) Expecting that disabling optimization means more power consumption, but doesn't restrict the CPU Intel Turbo Boost Technology left on AUTO I'm guessing this will kick in turbo boost when it needs extra. (Bios hint said to leave it on Auto) DISABLED Race to Halt (It was on Auto) From what I can tell this is something that is again designed to do something quick and then return to a power efficient setting afterwards. DISABLED CPU EIST Function (Was Auto) From what I can tell this function is designed to bring CPU clock speeds back when not required. I'm guessing disabling it will force CPU clock speeds to maintain the maximum. Left Intel Speedshift Technology ENABLED Left Ring to Core offset (DownBin) as AUTO Hopefully these are the settings you're referring to and will help. It seems very strange that DCS is doing OK - and then wont' recover as though the CPU is changing in the way it processes things. Time will tell. Please let me know if any of the above are the wrong way around.
  16. If it meant a significant rewrite but we could use our modules - I'd happily pay for a new engine. Optimised GPU, multithreading for CPU, etc. The difference is the modules that are purchased and the compatibility to use them with the new engine. How modular it is only the dev's know.
  17. Thanks all for your advise. I've given the background services priority a try - but haven't noticed any difference. One thing I've noticed is that when I F2 to cycle through other aircraft on a large map/server - the CPU goes balistic but never settles down again. Even after exiting DCS the steam room is all jerky as though it's gotten itself in a bind and won't refresh. I need to reboot the PC to get it working again. I don't have onedrive configured on this PC and are searchign for any other services that could be causing issues but this PC is almost a clean install except for VMWare and DCS. (With VMWare not running). I'll give disable_write_track a shot - thanks for the suggestion!
  18. No message back from UK, but have a message back from sales@vkb-sim.pro in my inbox today and will keep you posted on how it goes. Sounds like that may be the best email to use for your order. I dunno - us Aussies causing problems again by living on the wrong side of the world... sheesh'. ;)
  19. I send through an email 24hrs ago direct to the sales@vkb-sim.pro email as suggested - and haven't received any response to-date. Not sure if they're ignoring international emails because they expect us to go to Ali-express. I'm now going to try the Europe distributor instead and see if I can get a response back from them. Maybe you can email both too Joe and see if you get any response incase I don't?
  20. Or you could look at it that 12 years ago you bought a module that is still being supported and even if slowly - bugs are being chipped through. On a 12 year old module that's a pretty decent feat - that people are still playing and enjoying a 12 year old module! Go to companies like EA games that are 12 years ago and compare how many people still play those games... what bugs remain in those games that are no longer being worked on because they've moved on to newer games to rake in more cash. There's 3 ways of looking at a glass with 50% water. Half empty, half full, or as an engineer I see that the glass is twice as large as it needs to be. ;) DCS have a niche market and a unique way of doing things. I for one appreciate the agile kind of development and the community interaction we get from them. They're far from perfect, I'm disappointed about VR being pulled on CA as well - and there's things I'd love to see changed as well but even with this I can appreciate the O.P's perspective - the complaint to praise ratio does seems to be a bit off, but I guess that is human nature after all.
  21. Not sure if you're supposed to see two green circles - NVG shows up in both eyes - but not the full screen - as a single circular shape (think like looking through binoculars - even though in the 'movies' they show the typical binocular view - in real life you see the image as a single circle even though you're looking through 2 separate lenses). NVG works fine in the Huey and doesn't show the full image green. I'm not a fan of night vision in VR - I find it strains my eyes a little too much after a while - but I'm only a new player when it comes to VR and maybe I need to allow my eyes/brain to adjust more first. Never wore NVG in real life so can't comment on the parallel though.
  22. Binding "Call the ball" to a button is the easiest quickest option. Voiceattack is brilliant - and I highly recommend it. You could bind the keypress for "Call the ball" to Voiceattack yourself. Vaicom is another addon (to voice attack) as others have recommended that allows for lots of radio communication within it. I hear people rave about it - I actually found the change from DCS standard to DCS + voice attack to be greater than from Voice attack to Voice Attack + Vaicom. Don't misunderstand - Vaicom is handy. I love to be able to call 'inbound', 'request refueling' (which immediately refuels without bringing up the rearm window) and a few other calls as well as "Select nearest airfield", but keep feeling as though I'm missing commands because of the way others rave about it. For me - the best addons it could have would be things such as "Request nearest carrier tacan" and get a tacan number quoted back for me to dial in, etc as well as options to support CTLD and some other common menu scripting items natively.
  23. I can't answer that question for you - I think it was a bit of a promotion when first released and I would not expect it's return myself. However - the good news is that if you're wanting to buy the bundle - both the Hornet and Persia Gulf are on special at the moment! PG is 50% off and the Hornet 30% off - so you may find that buying both at the moment separately could come close (or maybe even be cheaper) than the previously bundled package?
  24. What a simple but effective idea. They're the best ones. I'm guessing it probably wouldn't be difficult to implement, and gives mission makers / server admin's the choice whether to implement it or not. I love it! I sure hope DCS considers this.
  25. I think if you search the forums you'll find that VR is not supported and there are no plans for VR to be supported for CA. I agree - I would love to have this option too because I would love to switch from inflight to CA and then back again myself without having to exit the game, and reload 2D - but it sounds as though this will not be happening.
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