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  1. Saloon = old western pub. As for sales, the 14 normally gets $10 off only. Question I ask myself - is it worth waiting for the next sale if I am going to buy it and miss out or is it worth potentially $1 each week for the next 10 weeks to enjoy it now? Sometimes it’s easy to just look at a single figure and not realise the loss of enjoyment to save a few pennies. Each person is different, has different financial obligations of course too, and we all don’t like paying more then we have to. Sometimes it helps though to play the devils advocate and see whether it’s wort
  2. FWIW - I'm running 2080 super and the CPU is the bottle neck for me. I'm running with conservative graphic settings. it's my understanding that saying GPU or CPU will be your bottle neck is being presumptive - because it will largely depend on what missions you are flying as well. For me - it's multiplayer with very heavy missions / many units. With DCS - do yourself a favor and give yourself as much room with both GPU and CPU as you can - so my advise is get the 'K'.
  3. Just switched from Stable release 2.5. to Stable Release 2.7.1 and have noticed the same. GPU usage seems to be down a little (thank you!), but CPU usage seems to be up (eek). Considering that I'm more CPU bound with complex missions - the update for me is actually costing me FPS due to the CPU usage.
  4. Have found the same thing with exhaust smoke from ships. Can see it through the clouds too.
  5. Have you updated Vaicom? Fwiw -I was having issues with the latest dcs stable release update, and I was .1 version off the latest. (I’m guessing there was a vaicom update recently.
  6. I thought I saw some time ago a way of rendering and exporting a track file to a video file with the highest of graphic settings, and it didn't matter what size video card you had - as it would just render frame by frame until the file was complete. (aka: Didn't need to render realtime) I can't seem to find this information - and was just wondering if this is only something that existed in an older version, or if it's still possible to do with DCS?
  7. OK - I'll have a stab... My guess is that we're going from OB to Stable Release.... Hind to be released in the next Open Beta, as well as Marina's Islands - with options on the side for AH-64D pre-order. The last couple of OB updates have been small and patches only which indicate to me that stable release is imminent. I could be wrong, but I wouldn't expect them to release new modules and maps straight out into stable release at the same time, hence that wild guess. Either way I'm going to need a new keyboard as my F5 key is wearing out.
  8. I get that the track files are basic in nature (can only be played in one direction and only work at single speed), and seem to have a lot of issues. I also understand that there is no direct financial incentive for ED to invest a lot of time into fixing this, given that the track files are part of the free foundation of DCS. I don't think I'd be alone in suggesting that if DCS were to make a new payware module that included a reliable track file, that could be fast forwarded, rewinded, etc (even if it was in 5 min increments if it couldn't be fluid) - I'd be willing to
  9. Has there been any information if Vaicom have plans to release a module to support Petrovich in the Mi-24 like they have with Jester and the Tomcat?
  10. Interesting. I could get more excited about it if I thought that was the case. But after flying the Mi-8 compared to the UH-1, I found that the Mi-8 was vastly different with handling and more of a 'bus' - which I expect the hind will be similar to as well. It may be capable of similar scenario's to the Huey - but I just found the Huey far more nimble to be able to throw around. Trust me - a fast, armored and more weapon equipped Huey with similar handling characteristics otherwise would be my dream. I wasn't aware the Hind had autohover. (I need to pay more attent
  11. Sorry if this has already started - I didn't see anything comparing the two and was interested in a discussion as to the difference between the two. From what I can tell ( and I could be wrong) but to get the topic started: Black Shark Completed helicopter module More stable flight (coaxial rotors) Electronic Flight Aids, autopilot, autohover More modern weapon & nav systems Movable Turret Ejection seat Pilot controls flight + all weapons Mi-24 Hind Early Release (Currently pre-or
  12. Is this still available for pre-order. I haven't seen it on their website when I looked a week ago - yet people are still apparently able to get it. I'm guessing you don't go to the Helicopters page?
  13. I reckon the FA18's your bird then. Plus when you go back to your 16, you'll have a second aircraft that can do carrier operations if you ever need that too! Just start off small - there's a LOT to learn as there's a lot to do - do it in bite size chunks. As for campaigns, it's not free - but it's not expensive either - RAVEN ONE. if you want a real cool experience, buy the book too. Play the first mission and then read the book - up to the end of the first mission, and then do the next mission, and rinse and repeat. I did it that way and it was an experience and a h
  14. Have you tried using the universal VR shader? I was tempted to go from the Reverb G1 to G2 because of more clarity and more color - however when I used the VR Shader, I noticed that I got both (contrast and saturation gave me clearer images and more color). I felt like I got a 'free upgrade'. (Now I know that nothing actually beats having better optics/lenses and LED's - but at least for me, the change I got with my G1 has me holding onto it now until I see what else is released).
  15. Can you explain? I thought Discord (unlike facebook, etc) was what the channel operators hosted - and uncensored apart from the owners of the channel? (I could be wrong - I'm not a discord guru mind you). You've gotten a few likes to your comment so I'm guessing there's something I've missed. Is Discord censored politically in the same way that Facebook is?
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