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  1. Wow - I've been able to touch down under 100 myself as well as land on the carrier (no tailhook). Not sure what the go is there (although I was empty - if you were full of cargo and/or overweight that could make a difference?). Another option for reducing speed is to hit reverse thrust. I use this for the carrier landing to pull me up quickly. Hope this helps, but my main guess is if you can't fly under 120kts without falling out of the sky with full flaps on, it's possibly weight related. It's a work in progress - many features still not yet
  2. I had issues testing this but found out it was because I was launching through the mission editor (or as a single mission). As soon as I switched to multiplayer (exactly what it's designed for... duh) - it worked. Hopefully this helps anyone else who's testing in future and struggles to locate why it's not working.
  3. Does anyone have any recommendations / suggestions on how to deal with this problem? I'm trying to create a mission where the base is capturable by sending in ground units - but the aircraft just won't die if they're shot on the ground, stopping this from occurring. I've come up with some ideas but they seem very messy at the moment, which includes: Trigger that blows up aircraft: Check 'Unit Alive less than' for every unit that could be on the ground, and if all of these are less than 80 then explode each unit. This has the drawback if one is airborne and
  4. I'm having the same crash issues as the OP. With Vaicom, when it launches Voice Attack - I get a windows popup 'do you want to allow this program to make changes to your computer', so when in flight, the flight gets interrupted. From what I can tell the .exe's don't have the 'run as administrator' compatibility option ticked, just wondering what others are doing to get around this? (I'd prefer not to open up my computer to allow changes without prompting, but is there a way to start Voice Attack without having this prompt itself)?
  5. I find the opposite. My side gunners seem to be more keen to engage than my copilot - where he will sit there looking at a dude in front of him that's firing back and twiddle his fingers. I have found that at some times, even with ROE on free fire, if I hit the trigger as pllot it fires the guns. Cycling the ROE through a few times seems to 'fix' it up - when this is the case. Other times, I can't fire either. I don't know how it works behind the scenes but at the moment I'm suspicious that it's a combination of issues, and my best 'guess' at this stage is:
  6. I'm sitting on 442.19. Haven't been game to update it since I finally got my VR working just as it should, and then problems latter driver useres were experiencing and needing to fall back to pre 450 drivers, so I'm keen to hear feedback as to how the latest driver and/or hotfix is working.
  7. Watching that jet on the aircraft carrier as it turns reminds me of a bee that landed on my car windshield when I was at stoplights try and hang on after I took off from the lights again.
  8. In the same way the captain of the ship isn't the one usually 'steering' the controls.
  9. Actually I don't think being early access is a factor. I think that the minimum requirements should state the expected minimum requirements at completion. I think DCS probably had an overlook here (which we all make mistakes). I don't think it's difficult to resolve either. I certainly don't think the answer is for DCS to hold back development and hinder us until the modules are completed and continue to support Windows 7 for all the outstanding pre-release modules. (Yeah - I want my new clouds which I suspect is part of the change ). But rather if anyone
  10. I have some good news: You don't need to use Windows 10 to continue using DCS!!! The $465 you have spent on DCS can still be used on Windows 7! DCS are not terminating people from using Windows 7, they are just discontinuing support for windows 7 for future releases of their products. So there's no need to say good bye to DCS, and you still have exactly what you paid for. It just means that you're best to not buy any new products or upgrade DCS to any new versions with changes they've made that won't support Windows 7.
  11. You make some good valid points here as it's a perspective I haven't considered much. However there is another aspect when it comes to these sales as well - or maybe it's just my mind thinking differently: If there is a module I want, and I may have to wait 4-6 months for a sale where I may get $40 off at the absolute most if I'm really fortunate - I tend to ask myself "is it worth saving ~$0.20 to ~$0.30 per day to get that potential savings (where I don't really know what the discount may be - it may only be $10) and miss out on enjoying that module over the next 4-6 months, or i
  12. Appreciate the replies - especially the ones that seem to reflect my thoughts. I probably won't grab the mi8 at this stage, I might jump straight to the Hind when it's out (unless there's another free-to-try period before hand where I'll give it more of a crack), but if people are enjoying it as much as the Huey after they were hating it first... that gives me some hope for the Hind. Although now that we have the Kiowa, Hind and AH64 all being released this year... it could be a struggle to get all 3, I might have to priorities. And yeah - I'm probably one of those tha
  13. Do other services such as Vimeo use the same compression, or is it possible to get better clarity from there?
  14. You can still use the supercarrier. Just download the C130 Hercule's mod (which is free). It's possible to both land, and launch that on the supercarrier. (You won't be able to use the catapult, but it's not needed with the C130). Likewise the Helicopter EFM (also free) could possibly put a helicopter on it. Apart from that, I'm not sure what else DCS could do. They just finished a free-to-try period where you could have tried it and learned what it can and can't do. I feel for you, but in the end I think buyers have to take some responsibility. Where do 'warnings' stop? I've s
  15. Fantastic to hear, and I agree. I think that's what most posts in this thread are really about... wanting to see it grow and more players on servers. I've been encouraged seeing numerous posts here considering what's better for the larger community, wanting to see DCS grow, who are trying to be flexible, listening to concerns and coming up with different solutions to address those concerns raised. In contrast I have observed some comments that are more worried about suppressing people's access if they don't invest as much as themselves, or don't use DCS for what they think it shoul
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