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  1. Alpenwolf's Cold War server is the best pvp experience you will ever get in dcs. Strike and transport objectives always included. Growling sidewinder is like oceandar said boring. no objectives no coordination just spamming missiles. It's the warthunder side of DCS.
  2. Shame. the CTLD script has many problems. The crates you unpack are something else than what was picked up.
  3. Did you just actually agree with what I said and somehow got confused?! I don't dispute not one word of what you said. Except for the apples and oranges part. I was only replying to a user who was comparing the A-4 to SRS and other applications.
  4. @Dirt_Merchant You type one more time smart and insightful and I might think you're just trolling him On a serious note now I agree with what Alpy and rossmum said. I enjoy flying the A-4 and I do that in singleplayer only. Looks like it will never become a module so we'll never see it on the Cold War server Just to add a few notes. SRS is way more necessary and mandatory than the A-4. And if you don't update SRS you can still fly without affecting your game but the problem would be lack of comms and players will start typing to you. So you will be notif
  5. I didn't see any fire solution in a while. Maybe was it just one mission?
  6. You kidding me?! SoW is the WWll server out there and it always has many players online. So yeah you are missing something. ED is investing a lot in WWll stuff which made it more popular so now the SoW server is very popular. Just look for it.
  7. Can't wait any more Word on the street is that the Fitter is coming
  8. nice move....... and a daring one
  9. And even if that's fixed the Syria map is heavy on some pc's I don't think Syria will change Maybe players will need to change their machines I just bought a new GPU DCS is really costy
  10. What's going on with deploying crates? Yesterday I unpacked an ammo truck instead of a MANPAD unit. I'm sure I didn't take an ammo truck.
  11. I'm starting to fly more and more wwll stuff. Great show you got going on bro
  12. I'm not sure I understand what you mean
  13. I see. But even if you have that module who says you can fly it? Maybe the airfield was captured by the enemy? Maybe the airfield ran out of airframes like in Alpenwolf Cold War server where everything is limited. Maybe the airfield is still neutral and so on. So having that tiny little option still sounds very luxurious to me when it doesn't really save you so much work on servers where so many other factors must be taken into consideration. Is it really such an issue, man? I play on big servers too and it takes me half a minute maximum until I choose something. But if ED does this for you I'
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