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  1. The m61 uses (USAF and US Navy) a pgu-28 round since 1988, fast as 3,450 ft/s (1,050 m/s)
  2. If effects is lower than medium, you see no smoke from the smoke pods..
  3. You wont have this problem unless you need few months to do the video. In case, copy your lock on folder and uninstall the original one. Proceed with blackshark install over a new install of lockon and launch lockon 1.12a from lockon.bat of the copied folder.. you can run both version. I did it with flaming cliff when it was available..
  4. I don't see the GUI.exe there, I onli see LockonCFG. Can u give me a direct link please?
  5. isn't that download for LoCFG? I'm looking for GUI not for that..
  6. Is the website down or is my local problem?
  7. bug or ?? Justa question , as u can see from these screenshots the pilot's face is white, same inside the engines when AB is not burning and weapons are not in place. Is it my problem or this addon isnot yet perfect on these aspects? thanx
  8. Thanx! cool with the updater too.. good stuff
  9. well.. DX10 demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OF9qoWKNbA&mode=related&search= Still think it's not possible?
  10. I didnt read all 13 pages, is this file the full package? if not, what else do I need? Thanx
  11. hey Crissi, all of IAT pilots have had issue in uninstalling the vfat addon, the redstars over the su33 are gone and replaced by a strange color, the welcome screen is the VFAT one plus maybe some other things that we still haven't seen... Any idea why? Thanx
  12. The VFAT tonight has been a positive experience, I'd like to thanx the the organization ! We had a pleasant display even if just 3 of our 7 pilots, but enough to makes me feel anxious with sweated hands and cold feet for those 15 minutes... eheh Seeya next time!
  13. too many teams.. not enough people.. we should merge instead of making new teams... 70% of the teams are incomplete, even in other sims like fs9, there are tons of uncomplete teams.. Good luck (to you and us all)
  14. anybody working on flankers too??
  15. I saw many B52 on short final when I was in the army in the 91'.. and I remember it was really impressive, 185ft wingspan, but this one is 291 ft !! holy cow!
  16. Hey ED, how to manually remove everything about ED from the registry?
  17. let's say is made in Taiwan! it wont hurt me much.. ;-) I just wanted to show the big bird taking off... how nice is it?!
  18. from wiki: It became independent again after the Soviet Union's collapse in 1991. that's why some still call it Russian maybe.. Cancel any doubt: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonov_An-225
  19. ahah interesting I search in wiki english (they say ukraine) and wiki Italian (they say russia) O_o
  20. ?? I don't understand what you mean duude and I'm not an avid flyer..
  21. Is it possible to deactivate the lockon licence to reinstall it in a different computer withous loosing the activation? (like in photoshop for example..)
  22. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/267092/video/R/CFD_1002/
  23. they started the production 2 days ago, it'll probably available for dec 06. I'll get it and install it as secondary OS with the choise at startup as I already have with the beta...
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