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  1. without wingsuit you can dive with an angle of dive of -40°/-35°, we normally jump at 13500 ft 3 miles out of the drop zone and we are right over the dropzone at opening altiitude (3000ft) just by "tracking" with the body.. shaped as a wing, I did many dives with the Pilatus on my side... when I fly with wingsuit I can do the landing pattern side by side with the aircraft. About open parachute.. that's just taxiing to airbase.. skydiving is intended as freefall.. canopy piloting is also fun, extremely fun with high performance canopies but it's not what skydivers mean when they talk about skydiving.
  2. here: http://www.rc-tech.ch/web/ look for the kit or for separate components.
  3. In my 4100 jumps career I found several reasons... this is a funny one: If you think that piloting an aircraft is flying, then you probably think that driving a boat is swimming... wanna feel the element, jump off the vehicle...
  4. this can be an edited image (it's not a difficult work for a pro or advanced user) and it can be real too, I saw airliners crashing into skyscrapers few years ago dont you?, so I'm not surprised by this old piece of metal under the trees.. Real or not ,the point is : What is real? How do you define real? If you're talking about your senses, what you feel, taste, smell, or see, then all you're talking about are electrical signals interpreted by your brain. eheh
  5. A kit like that costs aroun 1000 / 1300 €. (all included). I'm building one probably, I'll keep ya updated.
  6. I'm now looking at the shop under my house and they have microcamera wireless up to 1000 mt. (2/3 of a mile). Price for camera/tx/rx/charger/batteries is around 200$
  7. does anybody have any idea about how he did the goggle system?
  8. No one can have better graphics of this "sim", check it out, amazing stuff: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/303404/video/R/CFD_1002/ Imagine some formation flight with these toys...
  9. same issue here , just look the beach.. no haze at all May ED please say something about this? any solution ED ?? .
  10. I normally see only the red stars of my wings when I look the aircraft throu the smoke..
  11. It's normal for lockon but not for real life, even with visibility to 1 meter I can see the objects with no haze.. and as other people said , same for clouds... you see also throu the smoke of smoke pods... I had the issue in old computer with atix850xt and also in this computer with nvidia7800gtx it's a bug, is there a solution out there? Thanx
  12. some examples, take a look at the carrier on the center of screenshot: HAZE BASIC: HAZE ADVANCED (object are not affected by haze, more visible when visible range is lowered):
  13. it happens both with visibility to 80 or 35... it never happens with HAZE disabled.
  14. I was wondering why the objects I insert in the map (carriers.. tankers..) are not affected by haze when haze is activated (advance). Any idea if is possible to correct this issue? Thanx
  15. Can someone help me here http://www.fighterops.com/forum/showthread.php?p=65339#post65339 thanx!
  16. I replied to a question, but you can do what you want. As photograhper I work with © everyday, that's why I'm pretty sure about what I'm saying. Just think that I have to sign a model release (for the customer) to myself when I sell my self portrait. Nothing more to say. over and out.
  17. What??????? guys this is a delicate argument, don't say things you don't know. So instead of taking money (and live with it) from my pictures I should just ask to my customers to write © on my work?? Write to ED. They'll tell you what they want and even if for free you'll need a licence of use for the specific purpose and date period.
  18. Get xtrawater freeware for fs2004, it's even nicer. (this video has that water and is fs2004: http://www.iat-aerobatic.com/stuffbox/videos/Magic-mb339.avi )
  19. eheh me too, with 10 minutes tweaking it runs at avarage 50fps with medium-high settings.. and it's sooo nice.
  20. it is also for the music u use.. totally illegal. Be carefull.. even if you don't get a cent from your video.
  21. In my work I go throu this problem everyday, there is copyright, also for a simple skin. Ask a licence of use to ED, they probably sign it for free.
  22. ahaha in few years we'll need flight suit and helmet to fly in a sim..
  23. also see the Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-6-23 (russian equivalent of m61): Type: six-barrel rotary cannon Muzzle velocity: 715 m/s (2,345 ft/s)
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