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  1. Very nice, but I don't think that's HDR, it's exactly the opposite, it's LDR, HDR has no over or under exposed areas, exactly because it has a High Dynamic Range and all lights levels are captured (in case of photography) or representable (in videogames). Here we see overexposed highlights that means that the range of light levels has been reduced and all lights over a specific luminosity appears as white or extremely white. btw very nice effect. This is HDR http://www.robertomettifogo.com/immagini/paesaggi/paesaggi.htm
  2. yes you hear me.. labels suck.. also for video making labels sucks, I hope it'll be an option too. So I'll turn them off and you'll turn English cockpit off too, and both of us will be happy.
  3. it's not just about learning new words of a new language, it's also about learning a new alphabet... to me it looks like those simbols of predator.. do you remember it? Plus try to buy a 18 million heli and ask for a pink cockpit with leopard seat, I bet they don't have problems for those money you pay, so why not english language? go TEka go!
  4. mmm... I think it would be cool to have some good guy making this english or whatever language mod for the cockpit, from the moment that is something that you can install or not I don't see any problem, both sides will be happy, don't want it ? don't use it.. simple. With a layered photoshop file of the cockpit is something you can do in few hours, we can0t even talk about delay of the release date... btw give me the files and I do it in 10 languages so everybody will be happy. oh, when Black Shark will be released?? eheh jocking..
  5. OK Racer now the reuploaded zip works fine. THe model is great, the cabin is awesome!!! Did you notice that the pilot's head turns to the opposite side of the pilot view? look left and the head goes right...
  6. I still see the A-10, after installing I can see that a-10.LOM is the only file not installed, even if I try file by file install, it doesn't work...
  7. sure no problem, I was tired of sim graphics.. that's why I made this video airplane...
  8. Hey guys, check it out, my new FPV videos: http://www.vimeo.com/371283 http://www.vimeo.com/367200 http://www.vimeo.com/355952 And this is the list of all my videos published in Vimeo: http://www.vimeo.com/user230251/videos Enjoy.
  9. actually no, this is the year 2050, F16 UAV ! eheh
  10. oh yeah baby... that's my toy! it deserve an Italian pilot ;-)
  11. IAT is preparing the schedule of the 2008 training season. We currently have open positions for new pilots. What we need from you? 1- write me (PM) what are the days of the week that you can ALWAYS be available for training (night time, European time zone) 2- Go here http://www.iat-aerobatic.com/public/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=1993#1993 download training mission and skin. Record a track with some stable flight near some formation (AI formation) and some movements around them plus something that you want to show us, and send me the track (email available via PM). Just to make an idea about your skills. Thanks
  12. does anybody ever heard about Saitek, CH and thrustmaster? a guy told me they make good controllers..
  13. I just tried the Trees Shaders Mod 2.0 with great results, but at sunset I still see all the other objects becoming too dark, a lot more of the trees, too dark, unnatural. I was wondering if there is another mod for the rest of the objects or if there is a way to make it editing somewhere.
  14. Reinstalled, half day changing settings and options.. now it works fine. Thanks
  15. full file. I copied and pasted the clean install lockon (I have a copy of it) and I try the whole process again, let's see..
  16. my graphic.cfg this is it: start_position = {-61, 1.2, -70}; start_position = {-180, 10.2, 630}; start_position = {-153.5, 0.1, 438}; start_position = {-60, 0.2, -60}; start_position = {0, 0.2, 0}; PlugIns { Renderer = "DXRenderer.dll"; Plugin1 = "MitkaGraphics.dll"; Plugin2 = "ZweiBlau.dll"; Plugin3 = "AVIMaker.dll"; Plugin4 = "Weather.dll"; GrEffects = "Effects.dll"; Plugin5 = "RenderEffects.dll"; } DisplayMode { resolution = {1280, 800}; bpp = 32; fullscreen = 1; aspect = 1.6; Interface { resolution = {1280, 800}; bpp = 32; fullscreen = 1; } Simulation { resolution = {1280, 800}; bpp = 32; fullscreen = 1; aspect = 1.6; } AVI { resolution = {640, 480}; fullscreen = 0; aspect = 1.3333; } } SurfaceMaterials { file = ".\\Bazar\\Graphics\\Materials\\mfd.lma"; file = ".\\Bazar\\Graphics\\Materials\\map.lma"; file = ".\\Bazar\\Graphics\\Materials\\infrared.lma"; FixedPipeline { file = ".\\Bazar\\Graphics\\Materials\\landGf2.lma"; file = ".\\Bazar\\Graphics\\Materials\\mirrorGf2.lma"; } SWPipelineNoFog { file = ".\\Bazar\\Graphics\\Materials\\landGf2.lma"; file = ".\\Bazar\\Graphics\\Materials\\mirrorGf2.lma"; } SWPipeline { file = ".\\Bazar\\Graphics\\Materials\\landGf3.lma"; file = ".\\Bazar\\Graphics\\Materials\\mirrorGf3.lma"; } SWPipeline { file = ".\\Bazar\\Graphics\\Materials\\landE3Gf2.lma"; file = ".\\Bazar\\Graphics\\Materials\\mirrorGf2.lma"; } } Precaching { around_camera = 100000; around_objects = 10000; around_types = {"world", "point"}; preload_types = {"map"}; } TexturePaths { path = ".\\Bazar\\TempTextures\\"; path = ".\\Bazar\\Effects\\WaterNormals\\"; path = ".\\Bazar\\TestTextures\\"; } ModelDescriptions = ".\\Bazar\\ModelLOD.txt"; ModelPaths { path = ".\\Bazar\\World\\Shapes\\"; path = ".\\Bazar\\Terrain\\Structures\\High\\"; }
  17. I'm having some issue in setting up my options from LOCFG. I made my profile in LOCFG, applied, saved and launched LockOn. In the mission editor I see no map, only the airbase icons. So I exit lockon and here is the first problem, the minimized icon remains in my appbar and the 1280x800 area of lockon hides the mouse arrow in my desktop, no problem when I move the ouse out of that area (my desktop res is 1920x1200). I must terminate the process from the task manager. I launch LOCFG to check whats wrong in my graphinc settings and a message pops up: "Graphic Settings _______ Error loading file settings: C:\program files\ubisoft\eagle dynamics\lock on\config\graphic.cfg Unable to load visibility range list (low medium high)------- Do you want to load the default file ?" If I click YES all the settings goes to default, if I click NO it goeas to another config with some missing settings... In the security options of Lockon I granted full access to everybody and I always launch the apps as administrator.. I can't have my map back.. What to do ?? Thanks!
  18. omg ! no words. Jim was a real master, I wonder how could have that happened, totally unexpected from a pro pilot like him. may he r.i.p.
  19. ah it's not the curvature, it's the Fisheye lens that makes it that way.
  20. 15k agl Skydiving airplanes are never perfectly good, 4 of those I flew in my career crashed... this just to give you an idea.. I also crashed after take off with another one..
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