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  1. With the cyclic centered , the lift generated is simmetrical, the air just "twist" while going down but the force on the main shaft is simmetrical, different direction simply cancel the yaw effect caused by a single rotor.. I don't think so. can you prove it ? or doyou have some direct experience with this statement? infact they don't collide unless you move the stick aggressively..
  2. I don't know with real scale helis, but with the remote controlled helis that I have (coaxial) it happens exactly as I described.
  3. I don't think High Power/altitude and abrupt pedal input causes blade strike because in anyone of these case the two rotors remains parallel with eachother.
  4. with my RC helicopters is always when I move the cyclic too fast... and a longer inner shaft solved my problem (int he rc world...)
  5. I reinstalled nvidia drivers and now DCS works very good, even with aero on. I moved from 1280x800 to 1920x1200 and from medium textures to high textures with the SAME frame rate, or slightly better ! Nojoy with lomac... (starforce issue)
  6. oh man I just spent an hour installing Lomac in win7 and only now I see this thread... lol.... I'll keep the install on the disk for the day it'll work...
  7. I'm not a software expert but my brother is a Microsoft engeneer in California and he told me to expect a very good OS under several aspects... We everybody hope he's right...
  8. oh yeah I forgot that I still have to disable that feature of windows... I'll try later, thanks
  9. This is what I see when I launch and close DCS in Windows 7 Beta Build 7000
  10. I made a profile for the X-52, it's in my forum: http://www.iat-aerobatic.com/public/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=710 I Still have to change few things but it's a good start point.
  11. Is PlaneDistortion.ogg the audio file playing while the airbrake is extended? Thanks
  12. English people spend double the money in this sim, how come? Thanks
  13. I don't have a good frame rate and I was wondering why there are no simple or advanced haze options in the graphic settings, any way to disable it? Thanks
  14. For DCS staff: I'd like to give my russian version of DCS to another user, can you at DCS move it away from my account (zaGURUinzaSKY) and give it to "JonnyB"? I use the english version and I would like (if possible) to give him my activations for the russian version. Thanks
  15. yeah true, I have no extra time for public relations but I flew a lot of sim and we also started some formation with RC planes... work is always too much so .... also we've been an year with 2 missing pilots so there wasnt' much too show...
  16. We updated some stuff in our website, also a video page is now available, check it out: http://www.iat-aerobatic.com Thanks
  17. smoke is really bad, and if you slow down quikly the smoke becomes very short immediatly ... smoke has to be recoded if they care about aerobatic pilots.
  18. yeah I saw that, but if for example I have to start the recording at minute 30, it takes at least 30 minutes to arrive there and start recording.... that's why I'd like to cut away the part that I don't need and make a track for any single cut of my movie.. Thanks.
  19. yah I know that , but I was asking for the AVI Creator... no for simple track view. So everytime I want to record a part of a track I must wait the play of the track from the beginning?...
  20. TO save some time with the avi recorde, is it possible to start a track from a specific time and not always from the beginning? Thanks
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