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  1. Due to the fact that the game does not track headsets movement in gunner and driver roles, looks like rendering uses the same for hud as pancake mode, but is rendering in VR. I have recorded a video to show exactly what happens. Please fix it, because CA is very good way to play DCS in multiplayer, however, I don't want to switch VR on and off every time I need to use vehicles. Isometric view works fine, that's the only way to use CA in VR right now, however, you can't really aim with it. https://youtu.be/OqWh4ledboM In the video, I'm moving my head but it keeps rendering the same position.
  2. Well, the first point is that a lot of us do not have trackIR and will not buy it for the overpriced price. Second point is that monitor will not give you correct FOV/ will if you set it but youre still lookng at the monitor so its not like in VR headset. Its vastly better to use headset VR HMD due to natural head movement/orientation.
  3. Hello, try running DCS in non VR while in your HMD and use Virtual desktop/ or any other app that lets you see your desktop while in VR. Youll see the difference. BTW if you would like to see how it would look like, go to settings>VR> set force IPD distance to 0. However it will still render the same image twice so no performance gain, just to see how it looks and feels. Maybe try flying like that for a while.
  4. As performance in VR got to new low in maps like Syria, please let us be able to render game for one eye(viewpoint) only for both eyes. It will dramatically increase performance, for the loss of stereoscopic depth. However, I know our eyes will adapt very quickly and its not noticeable after a couple of seconds. It is so important for us to at least be able to maintain stable 40 fps, which so many of us cant do even with powerful GPUs and CPUs of nowadays. Rendering only one viewpoint should practically get us on par with nonVR version(minus couple percent for additional tracking of HMD etc.).
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