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  1. Im on 3080 and I can't believe 3090 fixes that issue. That sucks. This machine wasn't cheap.
  2. Okay reading manuals is all good...but u need to play dcs and just fly. u can read as much as u want but theres nothing like doing it. Just hop on to a multiplayer server and do it. ul learn much more than just reading.
  3. The best way to learn the f16 is to pick an indidivual system and watch as many youtube videos as possible and maybe ask questions on this forum. For example when I first started I made a promise to myself that I was going to master the f16 and I knew this would be a long process. I started same as you, free flights and canyon runs etc. Then combat I started with air to air bvr. aim 120c and i watched all the tutorials, did some of the simple air to air missions that come with the f16 against the computer on easy level to familiaries myself with how it works, set up the but
  4. Just got the syria map and im having VR frame rate issues as well. Works fine on persian gulf and caucases.
  5. Can we just call it Falcon instead of Viper.
  6. Quick question...how does targeting pod in the f18 or a10 differ from the f16? Is it easier to do ground attack with f18 and a10 than the f16? Also @Machalot you just said the below: Your can also have somebody else illuminate the target with their laser, and you use Laser Spot Search (LSS) to find it. Use the CAGE/UNCAGE button while TGP is SOI to initiate the search. Make sure the laser codes match. Default as 1688 usually works unless an advanced user has changed things. You can set the LSS code on the TGP page writin the DED. Would that be JTAC in multiplayer servers?
  7. Well I just created a simple mission with 6 tanks and it worked pretty well. So you need atleast 1 waypoint it doesn't have to be anywhere near the target area. It can be anywhere...then you can snowplow it and take targets out that way. It worked well, 6 out of 6 hits target destroyed. I'm yet to try the hud as SOI to find and lock a target. I will try this. It takes a while though...like you fly out from the target, turn around come back in...lock him up with the TGP, drop the bomb...go around again and repeat. Takes a while still
  8. I'm having some real issues finding targets through this targeting pod in the f16. Is there suggestions guys?
  9. Hey, I have seens Wags video and all the other videos on youtube...I can get it to work...thats not the problem and I've bombed targets fine....its just SP mode I can't get it it work fluently.. And is it best to go into f10 map...get the coordinates...make a waypoint before takeoff for the flight and use it that way?
  10. Yes i've used the SP mode but its a struggle. Firstly the sp button doesn't show up all the time...I have to press TMS in random locations and then just randomly click the OSB's until it shows up its annoying. FLIR view you say? I use TV so far. Will FLIR make a difference? What setting do I need to be in order for the SP button to show up? Point? Area? etc etc? And then how do you actually place the marker down on the spot you want? Cursor button left/right/up/down?
  11. Hi guys, So say you are flying around with laser guided GBU 12 and a coupple of armoured vehicals/tanks show up somewhere on the map. You dont have waypoints set up for their location. How would you use the targeting pod to attack these with laser guided bombs? I can't get the targeting pod marker on the HUD to be placed where I want. It just stays near the waypoint 1 which is the airbase I took off from but these tanks are just randomly placed hundreds of miles away. Please help!
  12. Thanks for the video, I just watched it. Its good but it doesn't answer my question about the bore mode for aim120.
  13. Hey guys, quick question. With the Aim 120 HMCS what is the bore mode used for? With aim9x...I look at target, hear the sound, uncage and fire. Thats correct right? What about aim 120? Do I need to put it in bore more or leave it in slave? Go to dog fight mode, lock target inside big egg circle and fire? A bit confused here.
  14. so for the SA 11 I get SDA (think) and 11 on RWR. I can target either of those 2? And the SAM will no longer fire at me? What is 11? That is the tracking radar? And SD is the search radar? Okay thank you for the explanation of the NATO systems and putting them in manually. That makes a lot of sense now. And one more question. Say I get RO on the RWR. Now looking at the Harm codes sheet there are 2 codes for RO. 201 and 205. Do I need to enter both of these in the custom table? How do I know what to do here?
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