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  1. Thank you this looks interesting. I wonder if it works in VR?
  2. Hi guys, Is there an easier way to enter waypoints manually into the f16 in multiplayer servers rather than going into the f10 map, writing the coordinates down on paper then typing them into the f16? Its so tedious to do it manually especially in VR. Can anyone help please? Thank you
  3. I have 2666 mhz and cpu it says base speed 3.60 ghz. It used to work perfectly fine up until a couple of weeks ago. Not sure whats happened? Unfortuantely no sorry
  4. Why does my dcs 2.5 use up 95% of the 32gb ram i have installed now? It never used to and i could play VR witih my quest 2 pretty nicely and smoothly but recently its using up the full 32gb of ram. I have to restart my pc then dcs only use 57% What is going on there i9 10th gen rtx 3080 32gb ram
  5. Could you repeat that again? The part about it locks to 45 and does what to the ASW?
  6. Thanks. I should follow up the above with the below after hours of testing.... If I restart my PC...the game runs smoothly and all is wonderful. I get a constant 36fps and If I turn the ASW OFF with oculus it can go upto 72fps which is real nice. The issue seems to happen when I quit DCS and then want to play again some time later...I only get 20 fps and stuttering and its unplayable. I have to restart my PC then launch DCS again and then it runs fine. Any ideas what could be happening here?
  7. Yup I just tried it and turning ASW OFF using the hotkey in game made a huge difference. I used to get a constant 36 fps and now its going up to 72. Wowser!
  8. Okay guys scratch all of the above. pre load doesn't help with the stuttering and fps. I thought I had it solved as VR was running fine in DCS for a bit but it went back to being a mess.
  9. Do you mean the hotkeys to disable ASW work on the home scren of DCS only and not in flight?
  10. Hey how do you do this? So you run dcs and the oculus software...once in dcs you alt tab to the oculus software and click left ctrl + 1 on the num pad? and then alt tab back into dcs?
  11. Hi guys, So up until about 2 weeks ago my DCS had been running amazingly smooth for 3/4 months when I first hooked up the quest 2 VR. Since a couple of weeks ago, I changed over to openbeta from steam and it stuttered like crazy with low fps. I tried playing around with many settings such as in game PD...PD in the oculus debug tool but no luck. I thought it may be an issue with 2.7 so I changed back to stable 2.5 on steam. But the stutters are here too now and I dnt know what to do. there was an update with Oculus around the same time i changed over to openbeta so not sure wh
  12. Well I had it at 80,000 in 2.5 DCS and it was working fine in VR...smooth game play in multiplayer...in 2.7 I've had to reduce it to 30,000 and only then does it run smooth...at the previous 80,000 in 2.7 was giving me crazy stuttering in VR. I will try and increase it to 40,000 and see if its playable and keep increasing it until I find a sweet spot.
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