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  1. Hi! Doesnt flap setting have any effect on engine thrust ? Cant seem to get full power (afterburner) after i put out the landing flaps. Thanks for the help
  2. Dont have any paid warbirds but can fly the default P51 just fine .
  3. Yes, thats what I was thinking. Will probably figure hover later. Not sure what are pots/ spiking. As for the throttle, no I use the one on the stick. Havent had too much trouble with regard to air refuelling but again not sure about helos.
  4. Keen to get the Hind but not certain due to my stick which is a Logitech Extreme 3D. I have used it to fly helos in Microsoft Flight Sim but I understand DCS is a different beast. Havent dedicated too much time to helis in DCS, only flew the Mi-8 during a free to play period and was able to takeoff and target soft armor with decent accuracy. If it helps, can air refuel a Hornet after some trying. So the question is, would i be okay with the HIND, or should I wait till I can afford a better stick.. thanks for your help Also, I did get the CH53 free mod, but that thing is crazy a
  5. Had a massive drop in fps with the last update which I downloaded just an hour ago. 2.7 was working fantastic otherwise, but this last update seems to have completely wrecked the fps. Any help?
  6. Hi guys Was wondering what airports in Syria have challenging approaches - eg runway at bottom of a valley or a steep glidepath. One example I can think of is Wujah Al Hajar , located on a sort of a table top, short runway with up and downslope- pretty hard to master a perfect approach and landing. Thanks for the info.
  7. How does one get a F104 in DCS? Awesome screenshots btw.
  8. Very tempted to get the Mi-8 with this sale going on.
  9. Hi guys Fairly new to the DCS community but looking to get the Hind. I use the Logitech Force 3D Pro joystick with the twist action for rudder. Was wondering would it be a wise decision to buy the Hind without me having physical rudder pedals? I have flown the Mi-8 during the last free-to-play period and it didnt seem awfully difficult but that was not a deep dive. Thoughts and suggestions welcome.
  10. Will have to spend some time understanding those tables and then some more trying to fly the profile well. But thats something to work toward! Thanks
  11. Probably answered someplace but my understanding is I shall be able to download the module somewhere in June 2021 or thereabouts - Is there a definitive date available? Also, Till when is the pre order discount available?
  12. Hi guys Been flying the MiG-21 and working on fine tuning my bombing skills but for some reason I feel, I need to have a very very steep angle or be ridiculously low before the pipper starts to move up on my 'HUD'. This often results in an over-G situation during the pull up. Not sure what I need to do better but it almost seems like incorrect technique. Also, Is there away to drop bombs in level flight and know where they will impact? Thanks for the help.
  13. Vanilla ones, also landing its on Kuznetsov was just for fun/ checking out Kuznetsov. It works fine sometime but in Mission editor when I place a carrier it doesnt authorise a landing.
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