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  1. Hello, wanted to report a Bug. i can reproduce it 100%. It happens on Multiplayerserver Aerobatics Caucasus Online with the Tomcat. When i start the flight, head out to the Supercarrier, tune in Tacan as well as Rios Radio to Tune Tac for the SC, land a couple of times and after that, when i wanted to tune the RIOs AN/ARC182 Radio via Jester Commandwheel to the next Tac Freq, for example a Tanker, it always crash´s the game to desktop after selecting the tanker, without a crashreport option. Now i´ve installed the Echo19 sound mod, srs and Scratchpad. But the game crash
  2. OK Good. I wasn't sure if it was true or just a feeling. like i said befor maybe it was a number of circumstances like bad preset with bad time of day, but thanks for your confirm that at your point of view, the patch didn’t change anything. .
  3. Dont missunderstand me, the clouds are looking great after the patch, but it feels, that they looked a little bit better, befor the SSAA fix came out. But again, i can also deceive myself in this situation and everything is okay. At the pictures below, i tried different presets and picture 2 with a different time. When the sun is not at 12 o´clock, i´ve the best experience. Maybe it was exactly that. When I flew on a multiplayer server short after the SSAA Fix, it was possibly exactly 12 o'clock and that was the reason, the clouds felt ugly for me
  4. I can of course also deceive myself but since the little update in between, the clouds are looking worse again. the small update made SSAA work again. It feels for me the same as for you.
  5. Yes they quality is also improved. The experience is now fantastic in vr. I like the patch very much
  6. totally agree with you. A little update would let us stay calm. To know that they make process and are on a good way to fix that issue would be cool. But Jester is telling me always, "trust in the force" . so im trusting
  7. it can't be difficult, especially cause you can already see the better clouds in the mirrors. So they are already there. i believe in the next update . with the next, they will look better. positive vibes
  8. I agree with you Jafergon. They made a very good job with the clouds. I often fly in 2D to enjoy them. Let’s hope, that the clouds will look in vr as Good as in 2D soon .
  9. Hello Pilots. Today i noticed, that when i look at the clouds through the Mirrors, they look definitly better. Can someone confirm that?! I flew the Tomcat. Mirror-Clouds look like the clouds, when i fly without VR. Does someone else noticed that little interessting thing?
  10. Hello. I use my TM WH with two modulation switches. So I can bind 3 different actions, on one button. With this option it is possible, to use the TM WH as pilot for pilot stuff, something other like View stuff or whatever you want and then use the whole Joystick for Lantirn operation. That’s my method for flying and lantirnoperation at one time. I‘ve bound some switches as well as buttons for the lantirn. It’s a matter of taste I would say but both are possible. Heatblur said once, they let the Mod functional, till the Jester implementation is finished. After that, they want
  11. Good point thx. Roger that. Thx
  12. Hey Guys. you helped me very well with the decision to buy e G2. I have a last question. Amazon sell‘s the Reverb G2 with and without controllers. How necessary are the controllers, for only playing Dcs. Do I need them in some situations, or can I play without disadvantages? thx Guy‘s
  13. Thank you for the feedback. thx for the detailed answer . Yeah now I have definitely a good view on it thanks a lot.
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