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  1. Cleared textures, run a repair and forced motion smoothing and now it works. My guess is it was the constant change between reprojection and normal that caused the dropped frames because in the hornet i never even reached the frametimes for normal and in the FC3 flights i tested i mostly stay above 90 fps. Seems like Nvidia has better drivers as i never had dropped frames when changing between normal and reprojection on the 3070.
  2. This is a weird one. I recently changed from a RTX 3070 to a RX 6800 XT and now im having periodically dropped frames on my Index but only on my Mirage and L-39. F/A-18 and FC3 Aircraft work perfectly fine with only rarely dropped frames. My Setup is Valve Index RX 6800 XT R9 5900X b450 mobo 16 GB 3000 MHz RAM and DCS is installed on a NVMe SSD resizeable bar is turned on if that even matters for DCS.
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