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  1. my guess is beta 6 went so well they are now working on rc1 lets hope so everybody keep you chins up it is pointless moaning and groaning it gets you nowhere ed wags and co have never let us down maybe a few delays sure but at the end of the day they have always come good how many other companies out there put as much detail in their sims as ed does remember this is a nieche market so cut the guys some slack i bet when the next version comes out it will offer lots more features than the change log states .......keep.............smillng.......:)
  2. Me i am 100% pure geordie....................TOON ARMY
  3. the A10s used to be based in the uk but were moved to germany in the late 80s early 90s i think i used to work near the otterburn ranges in nortumberland and they were a regular visiter in those days been to a few airshows in my time but never seen a a10 display hopefully that may change now we have the charlies flying
  4. thanks moose will maybe give this a go do i need these fixes to play multiplayer as i do not have any issues with lock on at the minute my rule is i guess" if it is not broken don't fix it" cheers
  5. i hope someone here can help me i have dowloaded the stutter and lod fix but when i try to install i get error code 2 pop up install will not continue this happens with both these patches SOMEBODY HELP ME thanks in advance
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