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  1. It seems that when you push the lever up with the mouse it does nothing. When I mapped them to and axis it worked. This seems like a pretty plane breaking glitch. I noticed my plane was overheating in 1-2 minutes at high altitude until I discovered the work around. Is there another fix for this because I really don't want to use an axis for a lever you barely use?
  2. Everything was working fine yesterday, but now Vaicom is not reading what plane I'm flying and voice commands are not working.
  3. I have a Reverb G2. I would prefer Windows Mixed Reality to be the runtime, but DCS always crashes mid flight unless I set the runtime to SteamVR in SteamVR settings. Is there a workaround for this?
  4. Same issue. Prince thinks he has a submarine.
  5. I have flown this mission multiple times. When I end the mission it brings me back to the same mission rather than moving onto next. Are their any special triggers to finish the mission? It's the mission where you fly over Bastogne, but it's on the Caucasus map.
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