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  1. As stated above, the HMD or HMCS moves with your point of view when using trackir or VR . If yours isnt I would assume something is wrong.
  2. The point you are travelling to is not designated by altitude, it only determines direction, so there is no slant range. How could it if you have not designated an altitude, from your position it determines your lateral movement in relation to the ground, altitude is not factored. Its not modeled in game. Edit. I am referring specifically to the nav portion when I say vertical speed or altitude is not factored into it. it measures lateral speed and heading to determine how far you have travelled and heading in relation to the ground. vertical speed is not a factor.
  3. Im not sure what you mean, but elevation is not a factor because its is just measure x/y not z. so if you travel 10km west dead on the correct heading and gain 2 km altitude it just shows 10km distance traveled. Completely linear, not slant range. As far as Ive experienced anyway.
  4. Should def run much better than your old rig. As far as storage, I agree an SSD is far better, but I got decent performance on a mechanical drive until I got an SSD to dedicate to DCS. Depending on your content 128 may not be nearly enough.
  5. I have played on different pcs without a problem. (Desktop for home, Laptop for travel)
  6. As stated above... I know they have acknowledged the Steam version not being available for pre order yet, just wondering if there is any more info... I have been debating switching over to standalone, maybe this is a sign I should do it... Just dreading the install with the 10mb internet at my new location.
  7. Lol, Ok... I guess to be more accurate I should have said that it has more features planned...
  8. Yes. If you have all labels on by default, and you hit LSHIFT F10 or whatever button/key you have it bound to at the final briefing screen in the cockpit before the mission begins the labels will be off when you start.
  9. Y You can turn labels off and on through a keybind mid flight.
  10. On hardpoints 6 and 4 choose bombs and choose the selection marked TER - 9A 3xCBU97. on stations 7 and 3 you can choose a max of 2x
  11. F14 is much harder to learn, but more complete. F16 is still gaining features though. I would probably choose Viper in your shoes.
  12. So just an FYI for everyone about the mission 2 bug on the Basic mission... Although the instructor ejects and his aircraft blows up, it does not affect you completing the mission. You can still fly and complete the mission and communicate with the instructor.
  13. Alt plus y cycles the coordinate format
  14. I run Syria on VR moderate to high specs. When not in VR I run 1440 almost maxed out at over 80fps. Must just be a conflict in some systems.
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