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  1. Hi, Do you still have this available? thanks..
  2. Thank you, Sir! Launching through the streamer was the key! Gonna look for a router tomorrow....
  3. Getting ready to purchase some rudder pedals. Hoping someone who has flown a Tomcat will chime in... Wondering how much travel the real rudder pedals have, and how much rudder was needed for things like the Break turn. In trying to do it with a twist stick, I'm terrible..... Does the plane need a little rudder or a lot in that turn.... Thanks rstandi
  4. Hi, Can anyone help me get my DCS running on the quest 2 in VR. With my Rift S, I just started it and it opened oculus and played. I think I have the VR stream working correctly, but no vr it's 2 d. It's trying to open a steam version for some reason. Never had one loaded.... Any help would be great!! Thanks, Rod
  5. Hi, Came across Victory205's unbelievable Carrier Landing paper. He describes setting up at 15 miles behind the boat, 3000 MSL and flying it on-speed to learn settings and practicing throttle control. Does anyone know how to setup a mission that puts you in these parameters to start? Thanks, rstandi
  6. I know I probably need a Hotas upgrade, but currently my dlc is mapped to a 4 way hat. When I turn on DLC it is half way up. If I push the hat forward, the DLC extends fully and if I pull it aft it closes completely. I’m assuming it is incremental with the wheel adjuster in real life . Not just all, middle or nothing. All I know is I stall coining out of the base turn every time. Super frustrated. anyone have any help ideas. I also realized I was starting the whole landing at 250 knots instead of 350. That has helped keep the speed up through the turn to final. thanks, rstandi
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