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  1. I'm really struggling to get this working.... I added the lines to the default.lua and nothing shows up in the controls. is there something more i need to do? rstandi
  2. Hi, Just got the Winwing Orion Hotas. The main reason was to be able to use the rotaries for HSD Course Select. Has anyone gotten this working? It's my biggest problem in-game when trying to land.... Thanks rstandi
  3. tCan anyone tell me where I need to drop the F14BPilotKeyboard.diff.lua file.... Had it working, but now it doesn't Assuming its the update
  4. Hi,

    Were you ever able to get rotary knobs to work with the course button on the F-14?  I entered the code, but could not bind the knobs on my x-56.




  5. Thanks I will try this rstandi
  6. This has never been a problem, it’s like I’m in a different position in the cockpit..
  7. I suddenly am unable to look back far enough to see my wings in the F14. I was also unable to bring my mouse on the oxygen switch to my left. I use the oculus Quest 2 with VR desktop. Anyone know how to fix it?
  8. Hello, After the virtual desktop update this week, when I launch with the updater, DCS is a slide show... I notice Oculus is opening also. Not sure if this is due to the update or what is happening... I have the quest 2, and it was perfect on Tuesday... Now, I have to launch DCS through the virtual desktop app or it is unplayable. Very confusing... Rstandi
  9. Did you build your throttle? or where is it from? Epic Work! Rstandi
  10. Found it, thanks!!
  11. Can anyone tell me how to set the trim to 000. It's item 13 on the post start checklist. In the training, it draws a line around the Control surface position indicator. There doesn't appear to be a switch or know to zero it... Thanks, rstandi
  12. I recently acquired a Yaw VR motion seat. It is working pretty well, but the most important feedback I wanted was the buffeting at high AOA. Is there anyone who knows if this "vibration" is output and if so, how... I believe the FAQ says it was modeled, but I have not found it. From other things I have seen with this thing, I believe it can do it... Just needs the DATA. Thanks rstandi
  13. @SkateZilla I recently got a YawVR and have the Oculus quest 2. Lots of hoops to jump through.... I must start my stand alone DCS with the Steam Renderer. Thus far, everytime I start, the oculus software and steam software start and the rendering leaves the steam version blank. I am using virtual desktop also. Here is a screen shot of my settings, if you don't mind taking a look. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi, Do you still have this available? thanks..
  15. Thank you, Sir! Launching through the streamer was the key! Gonna look for a router tomorrow....
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