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    Salut à tous Stéphane 53 ans Technicien d'atelier en mecano-soudure. A la fin des années 90 j’ai beaucoup joué à ADF F22 et depuis plus rien coté jeux, maison, enfant et mariage ont eu raison de ces distractions. Je me suis mis à DCS au mois de novembre, et ai commencer à apprendre à voler sur le A10C II. Je totalise 150 heures de vol et ai passé les qualifs de bases sans trop tricher, et ai commencé à ravitaillé en vol. Je suis passé de mon 65’’ samsung en 4K à la VR la semaine dernière avec un Pimax 5 super, ma toute première expérience en V
  2. I've set DCS in a computer dedicated to games in living room so i can use my home cinéma with my 65'' TV screen in 4K (when 3080 graphic card will be available), My reflexion is about setting my Hotas on my sofa. Spécification: It's imperative to be able to install and uninstall the assembly quickly, for obvious reasons of peace at home. It have to be lightweight, rigid and easy to move for storage. So yesterday i headed to my workshop to prototype to valid the ergonomics and the design. After have drawn a bit I sheared and bent a piece of 3mm aluminum sheet. And drill some holes to f
  3. Merci tout plein camarade ! I've just started DCS and learn to fly with the A10C II. It's just the right translator that my brain needed to convert the cockpit command in what I have to do.
  4. Merci tout plein camarade ! I've just started DCS and learn to fly with the A10C II. It's just the right translator that my brain needed to convert the cockpit command in what I have to do.
  5. Just to give you some news. As you had explained, in the DCS A10C II module I've also get the old one. As I start from zero , I learn with the french A10 C manuel, some youtube tutorials, and to valid my progress, I have started the basic flight training campagn. Since three weeks i've started, i'm proud to have passed the two first qualifications of the campagn . I still have a lot's of hours to spend with improve my way of flying, to find the right way to use navigation modules, and at end use the weapons ! I also would like to find some friends who'd like to practice and work the for
  6. Hi, just to tell you about my first steps in DCS. I've finished my computer and have installed all i'll need for in my living room using my 75" TV screen and my home cinema for sound. I have decided to start with A10 C module to learn to fly. For my fisrt try, saturday, everything look like working, except me! For the first time it had just took me 4 hours to start the plain, with the book and some English tutorials on Youtube, just some lights still lightning on the panel. Anyway, i decided to drive a bit, with a crash in a van as issue ! My Hotas , my rudder, and brake wasn’t configure
  7. Tanks Fatboy. Tasmanie, i see where it is, an island in south east of Australia, but i could just imagine how it is. In my dreams it is for sure fantastic ! i'm going to learn with the A 10 . The old one, alone first, for playing with the learning campains. After, use the new version to practice close formation fly, After i'll learn to use the long list of weapons . My English isn't very good, but it's a good way to make new friends, and improuve my English.
  8. Thanks to you two. i'm going to do this. Learning with the old module, and when i'll succed the learning campains, work with the new one. Anyway, before using the fonctions of the new one, i'll probably need to take off, landing, and flight need to be an "automatic fonction" to be focus on spécial task . As soon as i'm able i'd like to practice on close formation flyght, with people liked to.
  9. Hello, i'm new here and i'd like to learn to fly with the A10. I've seen that basic flight campagn exist for this plane. May i use new the A10 C module or it is possible to load the old one for learning and get the update later?
  10. My name is Stéphane, i’m french from Meru, Oise. Technical in mechanical-welding, and sheet metal work . 53 year old, love practicing track day with my amazing Lotus Elise (don’t need any simulator for this). Some years earlier I used to play with ADF F22 , and stop playing with computer for many reasons, get married, buy a house, have a kid , ect ect. Now I’m back to affairs, and naturally I’m going to try seriously DCS simulation . I’m here to find answers to questions I probably have, and for sure some help. Please excuse me for my bad English.
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